Sharn is a vertical city. It is divided up into five distinct plateaus, as well as a district built into the sides of the cliff near the Dagger River. The five plateaus are known as Central Plateau, Menthis Plateau, Northedge, Dura, and Tavick’s Landing. And, Cliffside is a neighborhood perched on the side of the cliff. While each plateau divides the city into districts, the city is also stratified vertically and divided into several sections. The lowest wards of the city are called The Cogs, and if you were to walk to the heights of Sharn you would pass through The Depths, the Lower City, Middle City, Upper City, and then finally you would need to find some method of travel to the highest section of Sharn, which is Skyway. Generally, the higher you are in Sharn, the wealthier the citizens are.

Each section of the city is further divided into smaller districts. Central Plateau Upper Central Plateau

  • Highest Towers – Civic district (p. 38) o Council Hall o City Archive o Airship Docking Tower * Korranath – Finance district (p. 39) o The Korranath o Kundarak Bank of Sharn o The Vaults o Riak Mansion * Korran-Thiven – Finance district (p. 40) o Wayfinder Foundation * Mithral Tower – Wealthy residential (p. 40) o Tomollan Estate * Platinum Heights – Fine shops (p. 40) o Aurora Gallery o Gray Dragon Inn o Sannid’s Restaurant * Skysedge Park – Park district (p. 41) o Skysedge Park o The Gatehouse
Middle Central Plateau
  • Ambassador Towers – Embassy district (p. 42) o The Brelish Museum of Fine Art o The Citadel o Athania’s Companions
  • Dava Gate – Professionals (p. 44)
  • Dragon Towers – Guildhall district (p. 44) o Tharashk Enclave o Globe Information Agency o Cannith Enclave o Lyrandar Enclave o Kundarak Enclave o Sivis Enclave o House Tarkanan
  • Sovereign Towers – Temple district (p. 45) o Pavilion of the Host o Cathedral of the Cleansing Flame
  • Sword Point – Garrison (p. 46) o Sword Point Garrison
  • Tradefair – Marketplace (p. 47) o Tradefair Market
Lower Central Plateau
  • Boldrei’s Hearth – Inn district (p. 47) o Marquan’s Rooms for Let
  • Granite Halls – Shops (p. 47) o Sava’s Gallery
  • Myshan Gardens – Average residential (p. 48)
  • North Towers – Shops (p. 48)
  • Olladra’s Kitchen – Tavern district (p. 48) o Ellfate’s Eatery
  • Vallia’s Towers – Average residential (p. 50)
  • Grayflood – Waterfront district (p. 50)
  • Mud Caves – Shantytown (p. 50)
  • Sharn’s Welcome – Red light district (p. 50)
  • Ship’s Towers – Waterfront district (p. 51)
Upper Dura
  • Clifftop – Adventurer’s quarter (p. 52) o The Augury o Clifftop Adventurer’s Guild o The Dragon’s Hoard o The Drunken Dragon o The Esoteric Order of Aureon o House Sivis o House Tharashk o Kavv’s o Kurala’s House of Healing o The Mystic Market
  • Daggerwatch – Garrison (p. 54) o Daggerwatch Garrison o The Gold & White o Talain Garrison
  • Highhold – Dwarf neighborhood (p. 54) o Clebdecher’s Loom o Moraggan’s
  • Highwater – Average residential (p. 55) o Pegasus Spire
  • Hope’s Peak – Temple district (p. 55) o The Citadel of the Sun o Olladra’s Arms
  • Overlook – Apartment townhomes (p. 56) o The Gathering Light o Hilatashka o The Shrine of il-Yannah
  • Redstone – Shops (p. 56)
Middle Dura
  • The Bazaar – Marketplace and shops (p. 57) o Caerlyn’s Blade o The Shrine of the Keeper o Vundry
  • Broken Arch – Average residential (p. 58)
  • Hareth’s Folly – Tavern district (p. 58) o The Hollow Tower o The King of Fire
  • Rattlestone – Apartment townhomes (p. 59)
  • Stormhold – Average residential (p. 59)
  • Tumbledown – Tenement district (p. 59)
  • Underlook – Inn district (p. 59) o Ghallanda Hall o Information Acquisition
Lower Dura
  • Callestan – Inn district (p. 61) o The Broken Anvil Inn o The Cracked Mirror
  • Fallen – Slum (p. 62) o The Ravers o Blackstone Church
  • Gate of Gold – Tenement district (p. 63)
  • Malleon’s Gate – Goblinoid slum (p. 63) o Bloodstone Inn
  • Oldkeep – Apartment townhomes (p. 64)
  • Precarious – Warehouse district (p. 64) o Dar San o House Kundarak
  • The Stores – Warehouse district (p. 65)
Upper Menthis Plateau
  • Den’iyas – Gnome neighborhood (p. 66) o Davandi Fine Tailoring o Khavish Theater
  • Ivy Towers – Average residential (p. 66)
  • Seventh Tower – Fine shops (p. 67) o Galdin’s Garden o Little Xen’drik
  • University District (p. 68) o Art Temple o Golden Horn o Grand Stage o Kavarrah Concert Hall o Haftak’s Books and Binding o Sharn Opera House o Stargazer Theater o Morgrave University (p. 70) + The Bridge + The Commons + Dezina Museum of Antiquities + Great Hall of Aureon + Lareth Hall + Morgrave University Library + Shava House
Middle Menthis Plateau
  • Cassan Bridge- Shops (p. 73)
  • Everbright – Magic district (p. 73) o Shrine of the Shadow
  • Little Plains – Halfling encampment (p. 74)
  • Smoky Towers – Theater district (p. 74) o The Atrium o Classic Theater o Mizano Rupa’s o Starfire Dragon o Thovanic Hall
  • Warden Towers – Garrison (p. 75) o Thuranne d’Velderan’s Investigative Services
Lower Menthis Plateau
  • Center Bridge – Average residential (p. 75)
  • Downstairs – Tavern district (p. 75) o Diamond Theater o Four Sails
  • Firelight – Red light district (p. 77) o The Burning Ring o Lucky Nines o Savia’s
  • Forgelight Towers – Average residential (p. 78)
  • Torchfire – Theater district (p. 78) o Gailan’s o Ten Torches Theater
Upper Northedge
  • Shae Lias – Elf neighborhood (p. 79) o The Gates of Passage o The House of Repose o The Oaks o Nightshade o The Silver Bough o The Winding Root o The Veil of Flesh
  • Crystal Bridge – Wealthy residential (p. 80) o Haras Kant o Ilia Merith
  • Oak Towers – Wealthy residential (p. 80) o Stormwind Keep
Middle Northedge
  • Holdfast – Dwarf neighborhood (p. 81)
  • High Hope – Temple district (p. 81) o Coldflame Keep o Daca’s Watch
  • Oakbridge – Average residential (p. 82) o Bright Wind
Lower Northedge
  • North Market – Marketplace (p. 84) o The Shrine of Fathen the Martyr o The Bear’s Rest o The Horse & Hearth o The Rat’s Nest
  • Stoneyard – Apartment townhomes (p. 85)
  • Longstairs – Apartment townhomes (p. 85)
  • Azure – Sky district (p. 85) o Azure Gateway Restaurant o Celestial Vista Restaurant o Cloudpool Park
  • Brilliant – Sky district (p. 86) o Cloud Dragon Restaurant o Tain Manor
Tavick's Landing
Upper Tavick's Landing
  • Copper Arch – Professionals (p. 88) o Magical Pigments o Transmutation o Wyredd’s Spirits o House Deneith
  • Dalan’s Refuge – Wealthy residential (p. 88)
  • Ocean View – Wealthy residential (p. 88) o The Gray House
  • Pinnacle – Temple district (p. 88)
  • Silvergate – Fine shops (p. 89)
  • Sunrise – Average residential (p. 89)
  • Twelve Pillars – Professionals (p. 90) o Twelve Pillars Courthouse
Middle Tavick's Landing
  • Cornerstone – Tavern district (p. 91) o The Cornerstone o Stone Trees o Tooth and Nail
  • Dancing Shadows – Inn district (p. 92)
  • Deathsgate – Adventurer’s quarter (p. 92) o House Jorasco o House Deneith o House Sivis o Deathsgate Guild o Karr’Aashta’s Investigations o The Guild of Starlight and Shadow o Redblade’s o Ancient Blades o Dark Words o Bottled Silver o Maynar’s Menagerie o The Labyrinth
  • Graywall – Average residential, Karrn (p. 93) o The Bloody Mug o Slogar’s o The House of Hazal
  • Kenton – Apartment townhomes (p. 94)
  • Little Barrington – Average residential (p. 95)
  • Tavick’s Market – Marketplace (p. 95)
Lower Tavick's Landing
  • Black Arch – Garrison (p. 96)
  • Cogsgate – Warehouse district (p. 96) o House Deneith o House Kundarak
  • Dragoneyes – Red light district (p. 97) o Chance o The Shifting Hall o Velvet’s
  • Foundation – Apartment townhomes (p. 98)
  • High Walls – Refugee slum (p. 98)
  • Terminus – Caravan district (p. 98) o Terminus Station – House Orien enclave o House Sivis o House Deneith o House Lyrandar o House Vadalis
  • Wroann’s Gate – Caravan district (p. 98)
The Cogs
Upper Cogs
  • Ashblack – Industry district (p. 99) o The Cannith Forgehold o Keldoran Forge
  • Blackbones – Industry district (p. 100) o The Pool of Onatar’s Tears o The Red Hammer
  • Khyber’s Gate – Undercity (p. 100) o Shamukaar o The Wounded Dragon o The Temple of the Six o The Citadel of the Closed Circle o The Workshop of Tyrial Dashar
The Sewers
  • The Quiet Folk
  • The Red Jackals
  • The Grave Diggers
  • The Rats
The Depths
  • The Servants of Calderus
City of the Dead
  • Dragon Crypts – Necropolis (p. 104) o Warden Tower
  • Halden’s Tomb – Necropolis (p. 104) o Halden’s Tomb o The Mausoleum of Gath


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