A Twisted Tale

The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent

The Line of the Mark completes their mission from Morgrave, and gives them the location of the stone sarcophagus. Sgt. Dolom retrieves their badges and gives them a gruff compliment. “Hmm… You didn’t get killed. Well, I guess that’s something.” And true to their word, Morgrave footed the bill for the trip to Xen’drik and back.

The crew found passage aboard a merchant ship called ‘The Banshee’. They hit a spot of rough weather just outside of Shargon’s Teeth, and their captain ended up breaking a treaty with one of the Sahuagin tribes. In retaliation, the tribe attacked the ship and our heroes had to fight them off while the crew battled the storm that raged around them. Only after the priest of the tribe was completely dismembered by Alek did they stop their assualt and let The Banshee pass through.

With the ship finally arriving at the port city of Stormreach, our heroes disembarked and began to search the city for a clue about the source of the strange warforged parts coming from Xen’drik. They learned about an agent named Shadow who seemed to deal in warforged pieces. They sought out Shadow and made a bargain with her. She would lead them to the place where the other components were found. But Alek was paranoid about the drow woman, and as soon as they were outside of town, he ambushed her, and knocked her unconscious. When she awoke, they interrogated her. She told them that she was supposed to lead them into an ambush in order to pay off her debts. The tables were turned though when the Line of the Mark ended up ambushing their attackers first. With a brutal show of force, the drow hunters were taken down.

Callista got a Choker from the Skull Lord. (level 8) Grey got a suit of armor. (Level 7) Alek found a chest of coin, containing 1000 GP (pkg 6) From the sahuagin, they got 300 GP in clam shell currency. (pkg 9) The Drow hunters had 3 Xen’drik boomerangs, 1 dose of Drow Poison in a vial (pkg 5) 1 suit of armor that looks like it could be magical. It is made to appear as the chiten of scorpions. (Addergrease Hide Armor, Level 8)

Everyone earns 525 XP.

Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

As the party prepares to leave the belltower, they notice that they are being watched. From the shadows steps another warforged. Ever alert, Alek is ready to attack with his kukris before Grey-7 indicates that he knows the newcomer. It is Blue-4… another member of Prism.

Blue explains that he is not here as an enemy. He was invited by Grey-5 to join the cult of the Twisted Eye. Blue declined the offer, and was attacked. Blue had escaped using his eldritch powers, and had made plans to return and deal with the abomination that Grey-5 had become. When he arrived, he found that the Line of the Mark had already dealt with the problem. And while he was glad for that, he was unsure how much trust he could place in these adventurers. He especially kept Quinn at arm’s length.

He expressed an interest in learning more about how Grey-5 had achieved the transformation into an aberrant, and ensuring that such knowledge was destroyed before it could be used again. After taking a look at the Schema, he pointed out how the alterations appeared to be Cyclopean in nature, suggesting that the knowledge for the alteration may have originated from Xen’dric. Once he learns that the party already has plans to go to Xen’dric, for related purposes, he offers to join their party and provide his own assistance.

Once the party arrives back at Sharn, Krusk heads off to check in with his house. It turns out that they are a bit upset with him over spending so much time with the Line of the Mark, and he’s been given another assignment.

Still, even without their inquisitive friend, the party continues onward. Quinn heads to Morgrave to speak with his contacts about the possibility of going to Xen’dric. However, when they arrive, they find that there is trouble a-brewin’ at the university. One of their newest arrivals from the southern continent has been stolen. The item was a 4-man coffin, which appeared to be from the Drow. The party offers to help, in exchange for passage to Xen’dric. Sgt. Dolom, the dwarf commander from the city watch, temporarily deputizes you all to act as law enforcers and investigators.

After some intense searching and investigative work, our heroes find a member of the Halfling Mafia, Clan Boromar. They play the part of buyers who want to make a purchase, and find the location of the stolen goods. Once there, they eliminate the halfling, his bugbear enforcer, and force a gnome, who was also interested in buying the coffin into surrender. Inside the coffin, they find undead creatures, who attempt to eliminate the party for disturbing their rest.

One gruelling battle later, the party emerges victorious.

Everyone gains 360 XP.
A Twisted Warforged - Part 2

A Twisted Warforge – Part 2

As the Line of the Mark(LotM) made their way up the spiral steps Alekemerged onto an upper floor dotted with holes where he was riddled with crossbow bolts by several more four armed freaks. Also in the mix were a couple of snake like beasties with tentacles surrounding a beak for a mouth, and another of those tentacled casters. Kruskrushed into the middle of the room but found the floors to be quite unstable as the boards creaked and swayed underneath him. Alek tried to make his way to one of the beasties and fell through the floor but managed to catch himself on the edge of the hole. Krusk actually fell though but managed to land on one of the dead bodies from earlier to lessen the impact. After that Greyused the holes, his ability to teleport, and his lightning lure to the best of his ability while the others gingerly made their way across the floor. Eventually the LotM defeated the enemies, Greythrowing the caster through a hole and smoting his ruin on a pew in the room below. The LotM ascended to the bell tower and it’s now ringing bell.

In the bell tower the LotM faced Grey-5 who was above them on a platform. He rang the bell which deafened and dazed the group. The party made their way up the ladder only to find a muscle bound tentacled doulgaunt bashing them back off the platform. Finally the group made it up the ladder and took out the muscle bound menace and the faced off with Grey-5 who was completely ineffective with his tentacle attacks for the most part and easily fell to the LotM and then died as the bell broke free from it’s restraints and fell smashing into the ground floor and taking Grey-5 with him as his tentacle was caught on the bell.

Callistacarefully helped the group down the destroyed bell tower and to the ground floor where Grey-7 and Quinngathered up Grey-5’s remains and found the fourth part of the schema in one of Grey-5’s compartment slots. The tentacled arm had dissolved into a pile of purple goo and several worms were crawling out of Grey-5’s head which was split wide open in the back.

In ending you managed to find and kill Brennan d’Canniths killer and stop an insane warforged from getting the schema and possibly make an army of altered warforged but what has happened to the other members of Prism, what’s with the worms crawling out of his head, and who are the twisted eye and what do they want.

The schema The schema depicts the swordmage warforged model for mass production. If Grey and his line was the prototype model this is the next step to make a whole line of Swordmage warforged. The problem is the piece of the schema Grey-5 had has been altered to show how to graft a flesh appendage onto the arm. There are many arcane runes and ritual notes scribed over the top of the schema pattern making it difficult to discern the original from the alteration. It’ll take time to decipher it. You can assume it was how Grey-5 managed to graft the appendage to his body and that it has something to do with the magic imbued into the swordmage warforged model which allows the grafting to be possible.

Loot You find a pouch of dragonshard dust worth 516gp in one of Grey-5’s compartments and among the other bodies you find 207 Galifars

XP 530 for the session

A Twisted Warforged - Part 1

A twisted Warforged – Part 1

The Line of the Mark has returned to Sharn to find death. Well the death of one Brennen d’Canith, friend and mentor to Quinn who was rumored to work on the swordmage warforge project that birthed Grey 7. By Brennen’s body a message was scrawled in blood. It led them to a riddle telling them to go to Morgave university in Wroat where they would find a creation pattern Brennen called his most prized possession. As the Line of the Mark learned of the pattern a mysterious figure snatched the book with the riddle and led the Line of the Mark on a desperate chase through the streets and sky of Sharn. After hi-jacking sky skiffs, dodging through crowds, and making death defying leaps they caught up with the cloaked figure and revealed him to be Grey-5 but his right arm was a massive tumorous purple and pick muscled tentacle. He jumped on a skyship and got away with the book but now the PC’s knew who they were dealing with.

Quinn reported the incident to his house and Janus d’Canith instantly assigned Quinn and the Line of the Mark to retrieve the item in question, return them to him, and keep things very hush hush. He gave them passage on the Eagle eye, a house Lyrander skyship, and sped them on their way.

On the airship the party met some interesting folks. Naudia Thorn, a cleric of Aureon, was on her way to Ringbriar. She was making a pilgrimage to the Mindspire, a temple of Aureon, to pay homage to Saint Estered who Aureon gave his blessing too. They also ran into Aspire, a stripped down warforge who believed reason and philosophy paved the way to living a good life.

Unfortunately Krusk and Quinn drank the valenar fire wine and were poisoned and only the antidote would do to save them. Descending into the hold they found the redheaded serving girl who was actually a lamia, a creature of bugs and death. They also found a bunch of walking bombs who liked to attach themselves to the party and then blow up. The ship almost went down but with quick thinking and a a lot of muscle they threw most of the bombs off the ship and Quinn kept the vessel together. Unfortunately the buggy woman got away.

Next stop was Morgave University library in Wroat. They ran into a slightly uptight library clerk who wanted to make them wait a week to to get at the books they wanted. After sweet talking her and discussing the Delkyr, their magic, and history they warmed her up enough that a 20gp bribe got them into the stacks where they found the pattern in a hidden compartment in the shelving.

As they left the library Grey-7 received a warforged message component asking them to meet at the cafe at 10th bell. In the crowded cafe they had a cup of coffee with the buggy woman who now looked like the girl from the library. She told them Grey-5 wanted to meet them at the abandoned church of Aureon in Old Wroat. They exchanged a few interesting words and agreed to come to the church in three hours.

At the run down church they found Grey-5 who asked Grey-7 to join him and the twisted eye so he could have the gifts that have been bestowed upon him. To feel as the flesh skins feel, to exist in a more perfect state, to not just be shells for souls as Gray-5 said. Grey-7 denounces 5’s arguments as insanity, that warforge were perfect they way they were. Seeing the insanity in Gray-5’s eyes Gray-7 attacked the Lamia and a vicious battle broke out. The party won out in the end and takes a moment before ascending the spiral stairs.

Loot You find a small obsidian statue of a demon in the pocket of the dolgaunt caster worth 250gp. You also find 87gp as you turn out the pockets of the dolgrim.

Revenge of the Gith

Ok, first up, I want to thank you all for enduring the late hour in order finish up that story line. I hope you all enjoyed the game so far. This has been a fairly epic tale, and we aren’t even out of the heroic tier yet.

Last night, we tied up one of the major ongoing story lines, save for a bit of an epilogue here on the forums. It was kind of like the 2-hour season finale that lasted for 6 hours. And as with all such things in this game, the ending of one story just means the beginning of another.

R Revenge of the Gith

Our heroes were informed that they were to travel to the port town of Vralkek, in southern Droaam. There, they found a welcome surprise. Their lost companion, Krusk, had been restored to health, after having a nasty encounter with the eye of Duvik. And even better, he had been sent to assist the Line of the Mark as they persued the blade that Hyax had been injured with.

Krusk informed the party that a group of ogres had taken over an abandoned Dhakaani tower in the area. He also told them that the ogres were rumored to have been dealing with some of the shadowfolk… creatures that live in the Shadowfell. He also offered to accompany you on your quest, and was especially happy to hear that the government of Droaam was footing the bill. Those fat government contracts are always nice.

With Krusk back in the party, at least for now, the group went off searching for the ogres’ tower. Along the way, they encountered a band of roaming shifters, along with a werewolf, and some dire wolves. Even though our heroes were victorious in battle, there were some lasting repercussions. Both Alek and Krusk were infected with the lycanthrope’s disease, and are still battling it. So far, they haven’t lost control, but who knows when their luck will end?

The party rested, and regrouped, then continued onward. They burst through the entry and were immediately attacked by a group of ogres, who fought with brutal savagery. These were not the ‘civilized’ ogres that you had met in Droaam. They battled hard, and the two weaker ogres were brought town, but their boss was in a class of his own, and he lured the party into a trap.

The floor gave out under the feet of our heroes and dropped them into a dungeon, where they faced off against a trio of monsters that the ogres had apparently been keeping as pets. A snake, a spider, and a wyvern. The fight was a brutal one, but the tactics of our adventurers turned out to be superior to the instincts of the animals. Krusk actually tried to save the Wyvern, and had plans to take it as a mount. He locked it back up and left some snake meat for it to eat when it woke up.

After escaping from the dungeon, our heroes ambushed the ogre boss that had tricked them before. They took him down with brutal efficiency and then went after the Oni. They found him upstairs, still dealing with the Dark One. The monsters were haggling over a business arrangement of some sort, when they noticed our adventurers creeping up behind.

The Dark One was eliminated quickly, never having a chance to escape. The Oni, picked up the body and hurled it through the portal to the shadow fell, prompting some of the umbral creatures to emerge and investigate. With reinforcements, the Oni and his umbral ogres began to take on the PCs.

At one point during the battle, Alek saw that the blade which they had been pursuing this whole time, was actually the blade of his father. Even though the blade had been warped by the Mournland, the familiar script of Alek’s family was still plainly visible. Alek would have recognized the blade anywhere, and the battle took on a much more personal tone for him.

The battle was hard fought, but the experience and skill of our heroes eventually won out. The new tactics that they had picked up in their recent battles turned out to be very effective, and very lethal. The only survivor, the Oni, was forced to flee into the shadowfell to survive.

Now, our adventurers are faced with some difficult decisions. Does Hyax wish to pursue the Oni, into the shadowfell, or stay on his planned course, to visit his Pact Dragon and find out whats going on with his powers? Does Alek want to find out more about the sword, and the ultimate fate of his father? And what about that set of faked warforged components? Will Grey-7 and Quinn continue to investigate that mystery? And will Callista, who has been forced face some of the demons from her war-torn past, be able to continue without the need for treatment of her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

In the world of Eberron, it seems that no story ever has a completely happy ending…

Each character (including Krusk!) earns 850 XP for last night. That includes the combat, and the major story reward.

Meet the Governor

Meet the Governor

Our heroes looted the gnoll cave thoroughly, and even managed to capture the leader of the pack. They brought their prisoner back to Graywall, and turned him over to the authorities. He was promptly beaten, interrogated, and killed, after the governor was done with his interrogation.

You were each granted a favor by the governor. Everyone choose something, except for Callista. On the way back to the inn, for a well deserved rest, you were ambushed in the streets by some ruffians. However, you managed to fight them off, and delivered the lost goods back to Orien, for a second reward, and some good karma after the unsettling result of the gnoll ordeal.

And finally, Alec learns that House Tharashk has a message for them, and its a day earlier than they even expected.

Everyone earned 400 XP for the Gnoll Shaman encounter, the Interrogation challenge, and the Street Muggers.

Battle Against the Bloodfangs

Battle against the Blood Fangs

Having returned from the episode of Blizzards and Beans, our adventurers took an evening to relax and enjoy the finer arts in the theater, and the more exciting sport of the arena. They also made a short detour to the Kundurak bank, to take out a loan, and establish some credit. But the rest didn’t last long, and soon the group learned that they had been summoned to the Tharashk Enclave.

Agent Morgaine was there again, and he explained that the Gnoll Situation had gotten out of hand, and since he was unable to solve the situation through the standard channels, he wanted to see how well the Line of the Mark would handle it. He offered to pay them 400 Galifars, as well as cover the cost of the services for House Tharashk. He emphasized that discretion was important for this mission. If word got out that a rogue pack of Gnolls was on the loose, it could lead to a greater distrust of the Gnolls at large, and that would shake loose one of the very foundations of Droaam civilization.

Once they understood the seriousness of the situation, our heroes took up the call and departed for the known hunting grounds of the Bloodfang pact. They encountered a hunting pack on the road, and were nearly ambushed. During the battle, Hyax displayed some rather unusual powers, which Quinn noticed were not of standard warlock issue. But without any time to pursue the matter, he let it simmer as the group continued on in search of the gnolls’ lair.

Finding the stream, they followed it until they reached a waterfall, and there, they found the Bloodfangs. There was a trio of gnolls performing some sort of demonic ritual, which was meant to summon a demon from the abyss. The Line of the Mark interrupted the process, but it seemed like they were unable to completely halt it. In fact, luck truly turned against them, when Alek sliced open the summoning circle, split it in two, and ended up summoning two demons, instead of just one.

With a daunting task set before them, the party decided to divide and conquer. They kept their foes separated, and prevented them from unleashing any of their powerful pack-tactics. It was a grueling battle, and every blow was one that was hard-earned. But in the end, their prowess with spell, blade, and tactics paid off. The Demons were banished to the abyss from which they came, and the gnolls were eliminated from being a further threat to anyone.

Everyone earns 650 XP for defeating the gnoll tribe, completing the side quest, and for a small skill challenge, with the Kundurak dwarf.

A Tale of Blizzards and Beans

A Tale of Blizzards and Beans:

- The day after the Arena fights, the Heroes were approached by 2 well dressed half-orcs, one was a Senior Inquisitive of House Tharashk, and the other was a “representative of the Governor” of Graywall. The Gov’t Rep, Agent Morgaine offered the party a job investigating some strange weather in the rural farmlands SE of the city, where a small goblin hamlet was getting hammered by unnatural blizzards.

- Arriving at the hamlet of Tull, the party was attacked by a pathetic mob of goblins who mistook them for “Stokeworth’s Men”. The party took pity on the poor goblin farmers and defeated them without killing anyone. The confusion was soon cleared up when Madz’ the Elder explained that a local lord had been extorting tax money from the poor bean farmers. When they couldnt pay, this lord caused a great unnatural blizzard that destroyed their bean crops.

- The Party headed off to meet this Lord at his manor house near the Graywall Mtns. Lord Brandis Stokeworth turned out to be an exiled noble of a minor House of Aundair, who had build a keep just inside the border of Droaam, and then taken to claiming his tax rights as a feudal lord, all without the approval of Graywall and its Governor.

- When confronted with a suspicious party of adventurers from Graywall, Brandis, wanting to hide his actions from Xorchylic, made his move and tryed to poison the group. then ambush them with his guards. 5 Minutes later, Brandis had been force pushed into and up the fireplace, his warforged bodyguard was headless, and his armsmen were smears on the new stone floor of his keep.

- The party captured him upstairs in his Study, and found an interesting selection of loot to take home with them, as well as the evidence of what Brandis had been up to (including a spent ritual for weather control). The final showdown happened just outside the gates as the party started to leave and head back for Graywall. The guard captain jumped Grey-7 and the boss battle began, but was quickly ended.

- The Heroes returned to Graywall, after telling Madz’ the Elder and his bean-farmers to weather the rest of the blizzards from the now-empty Stokeworth Keep, which was warm and well provisioned. - In Graywall, they met again with Agent Morgaine, who thanked them on behalf of Gov.Xorchylic for quickly solving the situation and bringing back the culprit alive, he then paid them each 85gp/character. Agent Morgaine said he would be in touch in case any other sensitive situations arose that the Governor required assistance with. Brandis was then lead off for a “private audience” with Xorchylic, never to be seen again…

Experience Points Combat: 2300 Non-combat: 350 3 successful Minor Quests Awards:525 Total: 3175 Per Character XP = 635-well-deserved-XP

Notable NPCs Madz’ the Elder (old male goblin npc)—> is the village elder of the Hamlet of Tull. he is about as benign as a goblin is capable of being and is the trusted leader of the farming community. The Line of the Mark has gained the trust of he and his bean-farmers.

Agent Morgaine (male half-orc Inquisitive)—> is a “representative” of Xorchylic, the Mindflayer Governor of Graywall. While his exact title, rank, and role are unknown, he speaks of “on behalf” of Xorchylic and likely has some sway over the actions of the Flayer Guard. He is well spoken, dresses in dark attire, and wears a pair of blue shaded specticals. If Eberron had “Men in Black”, Agent Morgaine would be one them.

Treasure Found 350 gp from Stokeworth Keep Lv1 & Lv6 Ritual Scrolls Lv1 Safewing Amulet+1, Lv1 Dagger+1 (on Brandis) Lv4 Opportunistic Glaive+1 (guard captain) Eternal Chalk, Firebeetle Ptn, & Dragonfire Tar (used) Special Treasure Ground Thassil Root poison (one dose) Bottle of Blood Gin (dangerous psychic/necrotic drink, illegal in Five Kingdoms) The Tome of Ebion (an ancient abyssal/infernal text)

That’s all from me! Thanks for playing my adventure last night!

(drew hands the DM powers back to Mark)

Welcome to Droaam

Everyone gets 300 XP for the Gnoll Battle and the Arena Battle.

Welcome to Droaam

The party is ambushed by a pack of Gnolls. The Orien caravan’s own soldiers battled valiently, and managed to hold their own, though they took heavy casualties. A few of the caravan wagons were looted, but the majority of the shipment was kept intact.

The members of the Line of the Mark hold their own, and even manage to impress the caravan drive master. He holds up his end of the deal and refunds the fees paid for the journey.

As night closes around the caravan, you reach the city of Graywall, on the borders of Droaam. The city is filled with monstrous creatures. Ogres, Trolls, Goblins, Gnolls, Orcs, Harpies, Gargoyles, and more. The party offloaded with the rest of the caravan at the orien outpost, then find lodging for the night.

In the morning, they report to House Tharashk, where they report the encounter with the gnolls, as well as hire the services of the Finders Guild, to locate the blade that scarred Hyax.

While waiting for results from Tharashk, the goblin guide, Dritt, suggests that they take in some of the local culture, and attend some sports at the Arena. Of course, not one to sit idly by, Alec found a sponsor, and entered the arena as a participant, and he convinced his party members to join him.

Alec and Calista both made it to the final 3, but both fell to the final victor, a hobgoblin archer.

Still, they managed to earn a respectable reward. The are each given a healing potion. Calista is given a purse of 100 Gold Coin and a medal. Small, and decorative, worth about 80 Gold, if you were to sell it. Alec was given a purse of 200 Gold, and a silver-plated sword, worth about 220 gold at market. It could be used as a weapon, in a pinch, though its obviously meant to be more decorative.

The hobgoblin was rewarded with a suit of magical armor.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothin

Everyone gets [b]500 XP[/b] each for the a minor social challenge with the guards, encounter with the dolgaunt and company, And the Major Quest rewad of ending the food shortages in Sharn. The last train you were on delivered pure foods to the city and finally eased the tensions there.

in Sheep's clothing[/b]

The party set up watch over Duvik, as he slept in his cell. They conned a few guards into letting Alek and Callista stay inside the guardhouse during the night, by bribing them with coin and a promise of recommendations for a job with House Denieth. With hopes for a brighter future, the guards accepted the offer.

The night went casually enough until ‘Kessla’ decided to stop in and check on Duvik. It turned out to be a dusk hag in disguise. Using her abilities to alter her appearance, she gained access to Duvik’s cell, and then murdered him in cold blood.

She tried to flee, ducking and weaving past the stunned guards and towards the door. She reached the exit and threw open the door, but before she could escape, Hyax moved to block her. He slammed the door closed and the had was knocked unconscious. Unfortunately, she had managed to signal her companions outside, who came to her rescue. A grueling battle between our heroes and the horrors of Kyber ensued. Dolgaunts, Dolgrims, and Dusk Hags, all working together, was still not enough to end the threat our heroes posed to the forces of darkness.

During the battle, Grey was affected strangely by the dusk hag’s demise. He was stunned and witnessed a vision. Such things are not unheard of when a hag is involved. They are creatures of prophecy and foresight. She told him in the vision “The heir of Tarkanan serves two masters now. One is served openly and willingly. Another without knowledge or consent. Trust neither.”

After their victory, Callista thought of the real Kessla, and decided to check on her. Fortunately, she was not harmed. Hyax found a key on Duvik’s corpse, which led them to finding a few valuable items in the deceased alchemist’s home.

Having completed their work in Marketplace, the group traveled via Rail back to the Breland capital city of Wroat, where they parted ways. Kessla, along with the food supplies and the petrified Krusk continued south to Sharn, while the party did some shopping, and then turned west, bound for Droaam, and the border city of Greywall.

They negotiated passage with an Orien caravan, and had just passed over the borders of the Greywall mountains when they were ambushed by a pack of Gnolls.

Will the Gnolls prevent the caravan from reaching Greywall? Could this be the end of our band of adventurers? Find out next time, on As Eberron Turns.


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