A Twisted Tale

And They Saved the Girl

And They Saved the Girl

It almost cost Dodd his life but Garen, Dwarven Rogue of the Strom crows, was subdued and rendered eyeless. Still Denva wasn’t found and the LotM beaten and bruised retreated to the Camp of the Harrowfolk and it was a good thing they did. Horses in the dusk brought the holy warriors of the Silver Flame. If not for the diplomatic intimidation of the LotM things could have gotten ugly due to Illuminator Kardicks hostility towards the Orcs. Fortunantly Dodd managed to embarrass him to the amusement of not only the LotM and the Harrowfolk but also the other members of Kardicks party. He rode off in disgust not to be seen until the next day.

In the in time before Benrick Hest and the SF contingent arrived the Vaymeer and one of his Orc Shaman helped Quinn and Cordon remove the taint from Garen and returned him to normal minus his eyes.

During the evening Gray spoke with Ruby Damasscus and her friend Roget encouraging them to be humble in their upcoming battles, Dodd enjoyed the company of the beautiful blue eye blond haired Liza, and Calista spoke of the dangers they faced at the tower with Benrick Hest.

The next day the LotM followed the SF contingent up to the tower staying a good distance behind. When the LotM arrived at the tower they didn’t know which way the SFC went and explored the area’s of the 1st floor they hadn’t yet. They found more Grimlocks and also Denva who was oozing a clear pus from her skin and orifices. She agreed to run to the orc camp with the LotM but seizures began to wrack her body and the Grimlocks attacked. The LotM and Rolo beat back the grimlocks and escaped with Denva. The only notable mentions in the battle was Dodds inability to hold onto Denva and dropping her on the ground and Rolo killing the Grimlock who was trying to lay low the woman he loves.

Quinn once again healed one of the afflicted Storm crows making Denva normal and without removing her eyes. As the healing was completed the Silver flame contingency returned, well what was left of them. Only Benrick Hest, Liza, and Ruby came back. They told a harrowing tale of a floating orb with eyes firing fire rays and an amber eyed sorceress wielding a staff of flame and as they fought them more grimlocks and grell attacked them along with wingless clawfoot like creatures firing sonic blasts of energy. Liza’s arm was burnt to almost the bone and Ruby was suffering from psychological trauma. Hest was battered and solemn in defeat and accepted Grey-7’s request to work together. Tomorrow they would all assault the tower. Tomorrow would have been good but that night they came looking for them.

Exp Garen 1000 xp Saving him 500 xp

Dealing with the Silver flame 1000 xp

Escaping with Denva 4200 xp Saving Denva 500 xp

Total 7200xp Each PC gets 1400xp

The math doesn’t work I know but some of the encounters Rolo gets exp for and some he doesn’t.

Treasure found Leather Elven Battle armor Battle strider Greaves

If I missed something please let me know.

The Back Door to the Bat Cave Batman

The Back Door to the Bat Cave Batman

After the battle with the Foulspawn the LotM hold up for a while in the cave and seal off a tunnel leading deeper into the mountain with a clever ritual. After the rest they knock down the wall and make their way into the tunnel hoping to find an alternate entrance into the tower.

After 15 minutes of spelunking they find a split and take the fork that seemingly leads to the tower. It does and the LotM finds themselves in a tunnel with the drop on some Gricks. After defeating the gricks and a black blob of tentacles and teeth the LotM found a Ruby in some rubble and brazenly began walking the halls of the tower with lights shining.

They saw a shadowy figure down a hall go into a large set of double doors and close the one open a crack. The LotM approached the room and opened the door to see a dark area with two sitting statues covered in a black goo later learned to be stirge guano. As Quinn spied the Stirge several shuriken flew out of the darkness and pegged him one hitting him in the eye. The Markers started their assault and Rolo recognized the shuriken as belonging to one of his former companions, Garen. When they finally saw Garen his eyes were protruding on warty eye stalks over three feet from his face.

A moment later the statue on the north most wall turned it’s head flaking off the dried guano and revealing it to be a Flesh Golem. It rampaged through the LotM but most of them managed to get out of the way. Wyvern and Calista slammed the door and barricaded it shut using Calista’s old wrench and then went to town on the Golem. Just as they finished taking it apart a shuriken came from the direction they had just come from and blew up Quinns relentless Harrier and the battle continues next time. . . .

Exp: 2600 Grick Fight 1400 Golem 500 For being clever

4500 total

750 exp each

Treasure 1 Ruby worth 500gp

Why the Long Fight

Why the Long Fight

The battle was long and hard fought against the foul spawn but in the end the LotM not only defeated them but they defeated a patrol of Grimlocks who seemed to be returning to the tower when they caught the markers at the end of their battle.

Wyvern showed he was a valued member of the group by dispatching many of their foes while Quinn was skirting the battle and empowering his warforge companions. Calista added her might and leadership while Rolo cut and thrust with the best of them. Cordon was having problems with his wand and Grey tried to shield his allies.

Wyvern was almost lost twice under the onslaught of a hulking red brute and the fat foul spawn caster made life miserable for the LotM teleporting across the inclined landscape forcing wyvern to take chase and the brain trust to lay down some ranged devastation.

With a final thrust Wyvern knocked the foul spawn caster over the edge of the cliff and then turned to face the grimlocks coming. Things were looking grim once again for the LotM when Calista put a call to arms and the LotM rose the occasion and finished off the Grimlocks.

EXP 4950 for the battle 825 each

Treasure in the chest in the cave

- watchers signet (ring) - pouch of diamond dust worth about 1200 gp - bag of assorted gem stones worth about 800 gp - 387 gp - 982 sp - 1587 cp - the total coinage is worth about 500 gp

P.S. – Sorry about the long fight. I’ll be trying to cut descriptions down to attacks that deal massive damage, action point rounds, or something really neat but I’ll leave out most misses, most at-wills, and even encounters for the most part unless their cool to the fight.

Rolo and Line

Rolo and Line

Ah, da Line of the Mark. Maybe I will get me lass back after all. Dey sure did handle dem bloody eye’d Malachi folks, dey did. Cut da lady with da scared face’s melon right off. Den me pal Vaymar showed up and brought us back to da harrow’s village. Good thing or I wuda walked dis forest till me bones were all da was left a me.

Vaymar told the Liners much about the dakahni temple and da help the orc gatekeepers gave da goblins. He talked about da Tear of Aureon and seals breakin. Dey talked some more and den talked some more and den I nodded off while dey talked some more. I woke and found Vaymer and more’n a dozen of his Harrowfolk ready ta travel. Dey were comin with us, goin to close the seal but me and da Line had ta clear da path. So off to da tower we go.

Five days later we make it to da tower and all dem white eyed guys we killed on me first trip wit da crows got up and tried ta kill us again. Only dis time dey were much uglier and some of dem had more dan one mouth. Dey kept popin up and comin but we kep puttin em down. I even gutted one like I used to back in da day when I would fish wit me pa. Smelled about da same too.

Onto da front door where me an da crows killed a bunch a stirges. Durn over sized mosquitoes. I wanted ta go into da tower but the Liners made dere way over ta a cave and da Tin Man poofed up ta da entrance …

End part III

Crunchy bits

Forest encounter 2800 xp Dead encounter 3000 xp Role playing 250 xp Total 6050 xp

1210 exp each

Treasure found: Ruby Lenses

P.S. – I’m trying for the scottish accent for Rolo in the summary. Let me know if you see anything wrong with it and what I should change about his accent as I’m making a study of it to help my writing.

If I Only Had a Brain

If I Only had a Brain

The intrepid pulp heroes of the Line of the Mark make their way to Ringbriar with a quick lay over in Moonwatch to speak to the insane or maybe not so insane Mathias who has continued writing in the abyssal language and symbols he began in Ashenport. Quinn and Cordon learn the rest of the cipher from the new writings and find some disturbing passages but also find the beginnings of different writings. The newest writings are written in a different script and with a different Cadence and style. While that’s happening Calista, Grey and Wyvern help where they can in the town and make things easier on the folks of Moonwatch and earning the friendship of Mayor Henry Jamison.

The Line of the Mark continues on their path and notice the roads, paths, and feilds are less damaged as they come closer to Ringbriar. They enter the city and make their way to the Mindspire, temple dedicated to Aureon, to see their friend and former member of the LotM, Darah. Many people are in the town square around a statue dedicated to Saint Estred, exalted of Aureon. As the LotM reaches the steps of the Mindspire floating brain creatures with tentacles and beaks descend upon the people, grabbing them and ripping them to shreds.

The LotM, being heroes, ran to the peoples aid and almost paid dearly for it. Wyvern was almost killed by the tentacled horrors several times and two of the creatures, later determined to be Grell, ripped Quinns arm off. Psychic storms and several flashy attacks later found the LotM victorious and the floating brain creatures in piles of gook on the ground.

That’s when the fun really began as Darah came out of the Mindspire blood matting her hair followed by Naudia, high priest of the Mindspire. Also came Aspire, a warforge philosopher and follower of the Path of Light. He took Quinn and went inside the Mindspire to attend to him followed by Wyvern and Grey.

A few moments later ten riders wearing the trappings of the Silver flame entered the town square and after that Garen ir’Criswell, leader of Ringbriar showed up and an argument broke out between him, Flame Benrick Hest, paladin of the Silver Flame, and Naudia. Before a fight could start, and with the assistance of Cordon’s spectacular magic, Calista talked them down to a good place and everyone dispersed more or less happy.

Inside the Mindspire Aspire regrew part of Quinns arm and with Grey’s help attached an arm made of steel, copper, and leather. Later Quinn would wake to find his dragonmark lightly showing on his new arm.

Aspire and Grey spoke of the path of Light, the Maleck Keth, and the problems occurring the universe.

Through talking to Naudia and Aspire the LotM learned this was the second attack by these abominations since the earthquake. There is a temple in the Greywall mountains that used to belong to the Kaorti where the earthquake may have started. The Kaorti were once gatekeepers who sought to use fell magics to try and help sever the connection between Xoriot and Ebberon. There was another adventuring party named the Storm Crows who left before the earthquake with every intention of going to the Kaorti temple. They haven’t been seen. There was talk of a Siberius shard called the Tear of Aureon which was rumored to be emerald green. Supposedly no siberius shard is green.

Learning all that and taking a night to rest the LotM set out for the temple the next day. On the way they were waylaid in the forest by men wearing black masks with bars over the mouth and eyes and a red eye on their foreheads. Fight on LotM. Fight on.


Grell Fight 3600xp Role Playing 750xp

870 exp total

No treasure yet. Don’t worry it’s coming soon.

P.S – I love all the character stuff everyone is doing

Shaking Down Sharn

Shaking Down Sharn

From the Korranberg Chronicle’s Front Page:

A storm not seen in modern times has left much of Breland in a state of turmoil. The city of Sharn’s towers are mostly glassless, having many of the windows blown out during this magical maelstrom. Only the edge of the storm caught the city as only the host knows what would of happened if the full force of it caught the vertical metropolis. Unfortunately South West Breland does know. Farmland, pastures, silos, and pretty much everything else is soaked and washed away. Moonwatch is in particularly bad shape having the two main roads nearest the the river completely washed away along with all the buildings and boats in them. There is also talk among the other countries of taking Breland or striking at Droam who was also caught in the storm. It’s said the only thing holding the treaty of Thornhold together is the mystery surrounding this magical storm.

On Page two

The Line of the Mark returns to Sharn hailed as heroes and meet with their benefactor, Grinth, who promises the media a press conference at the Chadakoin Club tomorrow at 8pm. The LotM looked ragged as adventurers will after a harrowing adventure and had three others with them. A dark skinned man named Jonesy who is a native of Sharn, Prescott Walker the 3rd, an antiquities dealer and associate of LotM, and a half-elf gentalman who only gave his name as Radick Dolf.

In the Celebertiy Section

Alex Devarow of LotM and Prescott Walker the 3rd partied it up last night in The King of Fire. Devarow was seen leaving with famous singer/actor Liris Yako. She is currently singing a show at the Chadakoin Club on Thursday and Friday nights and preforming in Kelvin Riths new play “Of Mice and Manticores” at Griffin Theater.

In the Chronicle a couple days later on the front page

Earthquake Hits Breland Sharn is Devestated

Another catastrophe hits Breland in the form of an earthquake that hammered the country and parts of Droam. . . hundreds dead thousands injured. . . another magical occurrence is likely. . . is this the end of the world.

On the bottom of the front page

The LotM saves many from certain doom at the Chadakoin Club as it begins to fall apart during the earthquake.

There’s a picture of Calista holding a rope with Alek, Prescott, and a hand of force while Quinn is hanging off of the end of it and Grey and Wyvern are floating up on a skycoach underneath the rope hangers.

Things not discussed in the paper that are worth noting:

- Calista’s family is in dire straits and her brother Callen ran of to be an adventurer. - Alek left a note saying he was leaving to find Calista’s brother and left her 500gp for her family. - Grey passed his Test at the tower of the Malek-Keth Janissary. - Quinn seemed to be having some trouble with his hand. - Cordon has assumed the guise of Alek Devarow in his absence. - Wyvern has begun a search for religion in his life. - Krusk is still a slob, Prescott is working for Grinth, Jonsey is working for you. - Grey learned there are more planar disturbances all over creation and another one is occurring in Breland. - Calista was pissed at Grinth, wore a pink dress to the press conference, and the LotM had a choice. Grinth would leave them alone personally if they gave the money back. He would still use their name as he’d been but he wouldn’t involve them personally in his affairs anymore. The LotM chose money, and the option to keep an eye on Grinth in some of their cases. - Grey appeared in the middle of the press conference at which the LotM told the truth of Ashenport. - You arrive at Moonwatch and find that Mathias has started writing again.

(P.S. – A lot happened so if I missed anything throw it below this post)

Exp and rewards

Skill challenge: 500 exp Role playing: 500 exp

200 exp each

Other stuff: What ever you guys want to purchase or do while in Sharn just post it here before you guys left for Moonwatch

New Magic Item:

Ring of the Malek-Keth A plain brass ring is ornamented by a Sapphire stone in the shape of a blue flame that looks on fire when hit by light. Item slot: Ring Power (Daily): (Can only be used during a short rest or extended rest) You can teleport to the Malek-Keth tower gate in the City of Brass. It has a return function but it requires the blessing of he who holds the blade of Malek-Keth to be activated.

Cordon's Reports #2
The End of Illusions

The End of Illusions

Excerpts from Cordon’s Reports

Sixth Report

We suspect that a cult has taken over the town. One with strong ties to Dagon. We aren’t yet sure of the whole story, but after the ordeal at the local temple, things are definitely not what they appear. The towns folks have avoided us, and for the most part, we’ve avoided them.

Sadly, I must report that our prisoner took his own life in a horrific fashion. I’ll give further details when I make my final report. Suffice it to say that its not something I’m likely to forget about, and that the cult’s most fervent followers have no limits to their dedication.

Matthias continues to scrawl aimlessly on the walls. There’s no telling if we’ll ever be able to restore his sight. Maybe one of our contacts at House Jorasco can help him.

Eighth Report

I can say with certainty now that the Line of the Mark is not a threat to the Brelish Crown. They may be the only thing that saved our country from destruction. Whether that was fated by destiny, or sheer dumb luck on their part, I leave for the scholars to decide.

The town of Ashenport is mired in Cult Activity. We’ve managed to cut off the head of the snake here, but I still recommend a cleanup crew be sent in to make sure no one decides to take up the cause of Dagon again. Returning to Sharn to make a final report. I’ve managed to secure the actual contract between the druid and Dagon for our library without raising suspicion in the Line of the Mark.

To think, after all that’s happened here so far, we still have to deal with Grinth. My concern in that situation is how the Line of the Mark will react. They seem to have forgotten their actual mission here. I would like to believe that this means they don’t have strong ties to his criminal organization, but I fear it may be they simply lost track of it with so many more important issues to contend with. We’ll deal with that back in Sharn.

Thoughts of Wyvern

Thought’s of Wyvern

A town so fraught with their own self peril and puffed up on their own self worth that they made a deal with a devil. It is an abomination of the utmost and all that is good seems to wither here. Some are returning to their senses and starting to communicate with us. The rest simply hide their faces now knowing the full extent of the evil they’ve brought to their hearth. It gnaws at their hearts now and eventually it will consume their being – if they aren’t consumed by the Seas first because they no longer have Dagon’s favor and are all susceptible to the call. This town is surely dead forever though as this will not be a secret unless we keep it as such.

The people that dream. It wears at all of them and has driven some madder than others. They talk of beheading one another and of a warforged that betrays them all named Gray. There was an incident today between our members where blood was drawn. We will set sail to the spire of one mans dreams in hopes to save the rest from theirs.

I have my doubts about our chances for success but will see this through to the end.

Something keeps trying to get into my mind. I hate water.

{Yes a warforged can think in over abundant prose even if what comes out is – Where is it so I can kill it?}

Wrath of Dagon

Excellent game last night everyone, you beat boss battle #2 no problem (with some serious help from Mark’s new Daily power, you were able to slice lobster-man’s HP in half within 2 rounds). In the end, it was determined that you fought an Aspect of Dagon known as the Wrath of Dagon

Everyone discussed more dreams, revealing more backstory, and getting an idea of whats going on here. You also talked with Matthias and read into some of his scribblings upstairs, found evidence for a “Cult of Khyber” as well as some astrological symbols suggesting that it is possible for the Planes to be in contact with Eberron while not being coterminous, an ancient Gatekeeper’s theory that a “Bridge” in space/time might be able to connect to Planes regardless of location. By talking with Prescott and an elder villager, you learned that Ashenport is no longer within Eberron, so to speak, that beyond the storm’s edge, is no longer Breland…

The elder villager admitted the guilt of the villagers in accepting the Cult of Dagon. The Father of the Seas offered plentiful seas and bountiful harvests to the struggling town… all the townsfolk had to do was turn a blind eye to the Call of Dagon and the sacrificed outsiders… He knew they were guilty, and he has accepted his fate and the fate of the village. Now that the Cult leaders are gone, the entire town is subject to the Call, many men, women, and children were lost in the 3rd Call. He did not know who to end the storm or end the Calls, however, he did tell the group about some of the town’s background: On the Day of Mourning, the black coral spire rose from the ocean off the coast of Ashenport, and a local fisherman returned “changed”, this fisherman claimed to be the resurrection of Althanis, High Priest of Dagon, a goblin who lived over 15,000 years ago. He got the village into following the Father of the Seas and organized the Trade Fairs to gather outsiders for the annual Call of Dagon sacrifice. Now that the Cult leaders are gone, the entire town is subject to the Call, many people were lost in the 3rd Call.

From dreams the group had, it was also realized that the original Althanis probably made a Deal with Dagon 15000 years ago, in an effort to fight off the Invasion of Xoriat, however, the details of that are sketchy, but you can be sure that the Call of Dagon and the return of the Spire Temple out at sea have something to do with it.

On a personal level, a lot of the PCs are starting to snap. This has been the longest, worst 2 days of their lives. Disturbing dreams, freaky encounters, evil cults, endless rain, and now, dealing with a Demon Prince of the Abyss, the Realm of Maddness, and all sorts of Planar issues. This town sucks. Everyone wants to go home. Alek just wants to leave before he snaps and kills someone he cares about. Cordon realizes he’s in over his head, and wants to get out before the Godwar happens, if its even possible.

Now, knowing that the PCs cannot simply leave the town and the villagers to their Fate, you all are going to attempt to traverse the rough seas and reach the Spire Temple of Dagon, built by Althanis 15000 years ago, in hopes that you can end the Storm and the Call of Dagon.

XP from last night: 900xp, which puts everyone at 18175xp.

xp breakdown: combat: 2500 roleplaying: 350 story development: 350 misc: 1200 (for the 3rd Call + minor skill challenges)

Next week, if we get a decent amount accomplished, we might Finish Ashenport next week. Following that, i’m hoping for a “transitional” session, where we finish up loose ends from this adventure (wrapping up minor quests like the Kano Rivers bounty, talking to Grinth back in Sharn, etc), then i’ll hand it over to Chris to start his adventure arch. Woot.

Into the Temple

Into the Temple…

Tonight was great, thanks guys, i’m really enjoying running this adventure!

Tonight started off with the 2nd Call of Dagon, however, everyone survived, include all the NPCs who were charmed to walk into the Sea, nice work. Following that battle, you found some treasure, and went back to the Inn to rest before you explored the town more. Everyone got dreams again, except the warforged, he got a headache.

When everyone woke up, you seemed extra motivated to take care of this cult and get the hell out of this town, and so, you all set off to investigate once more. The party found some more evidence and storyleads at the town library/archives hinting that this has been going on for 4 years now in Ashenport.

You explored the Church once more, this time finding your lead, a secret door in the back of the church, leading down to a hidden Temple to Dagon. Alek & Wyvern were the first to head down the steps into the Temple, hearing the distant sound of chanting echoing throughout the underground halls…

NEXT WEEK: we’ll start off with everyone right in that entryway, and we’ll have a nice little temple-delve. I’m hoping for 2-3 encounters next week, so bring your A-game. :^)

Loot from Tonight: Dynamic Longsword +3 (calista) Cinnabar crystal (wyvern) Solitaire crystal (alek)

XP from Tonight: Combat: 1600 Story: 200 Roleplay: 200 Misc: 1000 (2nd call of dagon) TOTAL per Character: 600

everyone should now be at 15435xp


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