A Twisted Tale

Ditzy Duvik and the Poison Factory

Everyone gets 450 XP each for the Train Encounter, the Skill Challenge, and the Minor Quest of finding the source of the food poisoning, and shutting down the problem.

Ditzy Duvik and the Poison Factory

Having hired on with Callista and her House Orien patrons, the group agrees to ride the Lightning Rail to Marketplace, Aundair. House Cannith also recruits Quinn to serve as an extra set of eyes for a valuable shipment being sent north. After a restful night, the group heads to the rail station for their departure. There, they meet with Krusk, a half-orc inquisitive of House Tharashk, and his companion, Alek. Though short in stature, Alek is described as a slashing devil when it comes to fighting. With introductions out of the way, the group boards the rail and makes themselves comfortable. They pass the time getting to know eachother a bit better. Krusk pulls out a deck of cards and a bit of gambling helps to pass the time.

The ride on the lightning rail was interrupted by a band of train robbers. They were well prepared, and seemed to be fully capable of pulling off the heist, but they clearly weren’t expecting our band of heroes to be on board. Alek lived up to his reputation as a capable fighter, and his assistance was invaluable. The party gladly relieved the defeated bandits of their protective charms before ducking back into the safety of the passenger cars.

In the town of Marketplace, the group performed an impressive feat of investigative work, they managed to narrow down exactly what kind of plant was used(Tooth of Kyber), who had access to the food crates, and who had the skill to create the poison from that plant. This all led to a man named Duvik.

Unfortunately, Duvik happened to be bat-shit crazy! He spoke in riddles, had a weird obsession with Spaghetti sauce, mother issues, and you just had to feel bad for his optometrist with that weird eye of his. But as with so many things in the world, Duvik turned out to be more than he first appeared. He was being manipulated by some other entity, and the riddles he spoke of seemed to be linked to the Draconic Prophesies(See chris’ previous post). The party subdued him and placed him under arrest.

Unfortunately, Krusk was a casualty of his own curiosity when he looked into the strange eye of Duvik, and was petrified by its gaze. Alek, enraged over the loss of his companion, actually stabbed Duvik in the eye! He eliminated the threat, but sadly it was too late to save Krusk. The half-orc was nothing more than a statue now.

Now, the party is pondering their next steps. Clearly, there are many troubling things in the world, but the path to deal with them is fuzzy and poorly marked. Our band of heroes must decide what path to take in these dark times.

How the Grinth Sold Artifacts

Everyone gets 525 XP for the three combat encounters we’ve had so far.

Items found: Warforged Amulet, Cloak of Escape(from Teifling Heretic), Syberis Dragonshard

How the Grinth sold Artifacts

The Teifling ordered the Ogre and the Gnoll to attack, and attack they did. The teifling, still slightly wounded from his last encounter with the party, stayed near the back, and gave them a wide berth, letting the two heavy hitters soften them up a bit first.

The Ogre ended up knocking Grey clean through the wall of the warehouse, and the Gnoll managed to drop the injured warforged. The warlord, Callista, retaliated by putting the gnoll to sleep, but not before she was taken down herself in the process.

By that the time, the Ogre had already been beaten to a pulp, and the teifling was near finished. A well placed shot by Hyax put him down permanently. Among the wreckage, a few items were found that were not your typical baked good supplies. The group made plans to question Grinth about them in the morning.

Reinforcements arrived shortly after, and the night passed without further interruption, save for some disgruntled gamblers who didn’t know when to call it quits against Hyax’s impenetrable poker face.

When Grinth showed the next morning, the party learned that he leased some of his storage space to some locals for goods brought in from Xen’drik. He gave the party the goods that had been tampered with to avoid having to pay them out of his own pocket. Quinn decided to contact a few people he knows at Morgrave about the items that were supposedly from Xen’drik. His sources informed him that the warforged item was a fake, and that the last man who was doing research on warforged was out in the field in the Eldreen Reaches.

Quinn and Hyax both went to question the representatives at House Tharashk, about finding the weapon that Hyax had been wounded by. They were told that they could likely hire a Tharashk agent to help them locate the object with relative ease.

Meanwhile, Callista found that House Orien was busy investigating the food poisonings, and was forming up an investigation in the borders of Aundair. Callista found that they were also looking for some hired help to assist with the investigation and offered the assistance of her new-found companions.

Riots and Famine

Riots and Famine

Session 1

Our group of adventurers met in a most unusual way. Callista inadvertently created a mob scene in the middle of The Bazaar, after delivering some food supplies that had apparently been tainted with poison. When the mob found out, they accused her, as well as eachother, as well as a few others. Quinn, “Reckoner” \ Grey-7, and Hyax just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Panic seemed to spread like wildfire, because this shipment was supposed to be the solution to the recent food shortages that had been plaguing the city. A fight broke out and the guards arrested anyone who was in the vicinity while they sorted the situation out.

While they were being held in a group cell, Quinn met with Hyax and Callista, and found they each had a few common interests. They made plans to meet up after the whole ordeal was sorted out. However, things got sorted a bit quicker than they had hoped, when someone claiming to be Grey’s employer bailed him out of jail. Grey managed to get his new companions released as well, and four of them went to meet their mysterious benefactor.

It turned out to be a local merchant, who had witnessed the results of the mob violence. When he noticed that you four were handling yourselves well among the entire mob, and sought you out to help protect his warehouse from an impending riot in Lower Dura.

The group agreed to take the job, and that same night, the rioting and looting were encountered first hand. At first, it was just a group of humans and goblins, led by a gnome and a teifling. The four of you managed to battle your way to victory, but it would turn out to be short lived. As you started to take stock of the aftermath, the Teifling, who you had ran off earlier, had returned, and he brought some significant strength to back him up this time.

With no time to rest and recover, will the back-to-back battles be too much for our heroes to bear?


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