Warforged Ranger Dual Wielding Ruthless Punisher


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Wishlist: Deathburst Armor (leather) Blood and shadow color this armor darkest crimson, and it channels the energy of death. * Level: 17 * Price: 65,000gp * Armor: Any * Enhancement: +4 AC * Property: You automatically save against ongoing necrotic damage. * Power (Daily • Necrotic): Minor action. Until the end of your next turn, any creature that hits you with a melee attack takes 2d8 + Constitution modifier necrotic damage. * First published in E1 Death's Reach. Floorfighter Straps Scuffed and worn, these rawhide bands keep you dangerous even when on the ground. * Level: 15 * Price: 25,000gp * Item Slot: Feet * Property: While you are prone, you do not grant combat advantage and you can shift. When you stand up, you can shift 1 square as part of the same action. * First published in Adventurer's Vault. Fleetrunner Boots The owner of these boots is gifted with unprecedented mobility in combat. * Level: 15 * Price: 25,000gp * Item Slot: Feet * Property: Running gives you only a -2 penalty to attack rolls. When you run, you can move up to your speed +6, instead of your speed +2. * First published in Dragon Magazine 369. Oathblade This fine steel weapon strikes deadly blows against the foe you swear to vanquish. * Level: 14 * Price: 21,000gp * Weapon: Heavy Blade, Light Blade Enhancement: +3 attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +3d6 damage * Property: On a critical hit you deal +3d10 damage instead of +3d6 against a target marked by you. * Power (Daily): Minor Action. Your next attack against a creature marked by you deals an extra 1d6 damage per plus. First published in Adventurer's Vault. Death Spiral Ring This ring’s dizzying black spirals seem to bend space and time. * Level: 16 * Price: 45,000gp * Item Slot: Ring * Property: You gain resist 5 necrotic. * Power (Daily * Teleportation): Immediate Reaction. Trigger: A creature within 10 squares of you drops to 0 hit points or fewer. Effect: You teleport into the creature’s space or to a square adjacent to it. If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, you can use the power a second time during this encounter.This second use doesn’t count as a use of a daily magic item power. * First published in Adventurer's Vault 2.


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