"Reckoner" \ Grey-7

Prototype Warforged Model - Swordmage Class.


Grey-7 \ Reckoner *

Swordmage Class, tactical defender.

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Reckoner’s Wishlist* (in order of desirability)

Baldric of Assault (waist slot), Lv11

Giantkind Gloves, Lv14

Iron Armbands of Power, Lv16


Grey-7, Prototype Warforged Model, Swordmage Class [XM-S-G7]. Created by House Cannith for Covert Operation during Last War. Operation Prizm, a black-ops, unit was utilized by an undisclosed authority to mitigate the illegal involvement of the Great Dragonmarked Houses during the Last War. Grey has disavowed all knowledge of mission and details (however these memories are still stored in his consciousness).

During the years following, Grey would find comradery with the newly formed Line of the Mark Adventuring party. He would gain fame alongside his new allies and eventually choose his own name, one that would warn the Enemies of World of their own eventual demise. As planar anomalies began appearing all over Eberron (and the greater Cosmos), Grey-7 finished his wayward training at the Tower of the Malec-Keth, becoming one of the noble Janissary along side Lyanna Starkweather and her lover Mathis Rowan

"Reckoner" \ Grey-7

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