I stepped through the Gates of Hell, and I brought the FIRE!

Githyanki Warlock, Infernal Pact, Hellbringer

Str 11 Con 21 Dex 11 Int 20 Wis 11 Cha 14.

AC 25 Fort 23 Reflex 24 Will 22

Saving Throw Mods: +2 bonus against charm effects

HP 88 Bloodied 44

Surges 11 Surge Value 23

Languages: Common, Deep Speech, Abyssal, Draconic, Supernal, Primordial

Skills: Acrobatics +6, Arcana +11, Athletics +6, Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Dungeoneering +6, Endurance +11, Heal +6, History +18, Insight +11, Intimidate +15, Nature +8, Perception +6, Religion +16, Stealth +6, Streetwise +8, Thievery +6

Feats: Level 1: Aberrant Mark of Terror – enemy hit with daily power takes -1 to attack rolls against you; Level 2: Improved Dark One’s Blessing – pact boon grants 3 additional temp HP; Level 4: Dooming Action – deal curse damage again with action point; Level 6: Arcane Familiar – bound demon familiar; Level 8: Linguist Level 10: Melee Training (Constitution) Level 11: Unfailing Courage – spend a healing surge when spending an action point; Level 12: Shared Pact – ally within 3 squares gains benefit of pact boon

Powers: At Will Eldritch Blast (Con), Hellish Rebuke, Warlock’s Curse, Dark One’s Blessing Encounter Telekinetic Leap, Diabolic Grasp, Fiery Bolt, Alchemical Synergy, Howl of Doom, Pillar of Power Daily Flames of Phlegethos, Hunger of Hadar, Feast of Souls Utility Ethereal Stride, Fey Switch, Accursed Souls, Gates of Hell

Familiar: Bound Demon; This ugly blob of charred flesh is a creature bound to Hyax’s service, but it would prefer to be back in the Abyss. It grants Hyax the Alchemical Synergy encounter power.

Equipment: Adventurer’s Kit, Rod of the Infernal +3, Shadow Warlock Leather Armor +2, Quicksilver Blade Dagger +3, Cat Tabi (heroic tier), Cloak of Translocation +2, Blackleaf Gloves (heroic tier), Belt of Vigor (heroic tier), Climber’s Kit

Other Treasure: 23 gp


Hyax grew up an orphan in the port city of Droaam. He studied constantly, looking for history of his people. In search of such knowledge, he voluntarily sought out a dragon and was luck to escape with more than his life. The dragon, Nienshen, had been amused by the young Gith, and had bestowed some fiery powers upon him. Hyax returned to his studies no more enlightened than when he set out, but he realized that he would have to leave Droaam to get the answers he wanted.

He began working the docks, loading and unloading, tying up ships, and spending his down time buried in books. One ship unloaded a large group of ogres, and one of them took a strong dislike to Hyax. The ogre used a warped blade from the Mournland to slice a scar into the Gith’s face, only to leap back when Hyax exploded with rage. Fire seared and scarred the ogre’s face, and he howled as Hyax slipped from his grasp and rushed away.

Looking at his injury, Hyax saw that there wasn’t any kind of mark to indicate that the orge’s blade had cut deeply. There wasn’t even a wound! He bandaged it anyway, remembering all too well the feeling of the cold blade separating his flesh. Knowing that the limited authority in town wouldn’t believe his claim of self-defense, he stowed away on a ship and headed for Sharn. He needed to learn more about Gith history, but now he also needed to know what kind of weapon would do this. On the three week voyage, his invisible wound healed into a jagged blue line from temple to chin.

When he arrived in Sharn, he began searching for an expert in the arcane who might be able to help with his immediate problem. His search led him to Quinn, an artificer in House Cannith. Looking for him in the largest open air market, Hyax stumbled into a mob scene where a tall red-haired woman was shouting for order to no avail. Some poisoned food had been shipped into the city, and she was being blamed. Hyax stepped in to help quiet the crowd, as did a few others. The guard came and arrested everyone, and Hyax came to meet Quinn, Grey-7, and Callista, all while in a holding cell.

Ah, the humble beginnings of the Line of the Mark.

Hyax traveled with the Line for a while, seeing some very bizarre things during that time. He discovered that he wore an aberrant Dragonmark, and took pains to disguise it as best he could. Eventually, they were able to track down the ogre that had scarred him, and they learned that the warped blade had belonged to Alek’s father. The ogre, Malik, escaped through a portal into the Shadowfell, and Hyax left the Line to seek out Nienshen for help with his magic. (The aberrant mark was interfering, originally played as a spellscar, and then played as a aberrant mark from the Eberron campaign book.)

He got lost along the way, and touched down in a goblin village that happened to worship the great dragons. They mistook Hyax for a prophet or god, and Hyax played along so that he wouldn’t be killed by the zealots. With a good meal in his belly, and some fresh meat for his wyvern, Rufus, they set out with better direction than before and came to the lake nearest Nienshen’s lair.

There they met Rylo, a druid and a Gatekeeper, who accompanied them. Hyax spoke with his pact dragon, revealed his aberrant mark, and explained that the mark had appeared only after being attacked by Malik. Nienshen sent Hyax to the Shadowfell to find Malik and bring back both ogre and blade. Rylo and Rufus accompanied them, and in the ‘fell they also met a sorcerer named Theon. They searched for Malik together, and defeated him, even when he tried to escape as a mist-form. Hyax’s billowed cloak blew Malik back, and Hyax took him out in a duel to the death. Taking his head and the warped blade, Hyax didn’t have enough time to escape the notice of the authorities. Theon managed to talk them out of harsh punishment, though all were banned from this shadow city.

Theon helped guide them all back to Khorvaire, using a portal that was controlled by his family. From there, Theon sought out the Line of the Mark, and Hyax returned to Nienshen. The dragon sent Hyax on a number of other quests, affording Hyax the opportunity to learn many languages. He also fought and defeated a demon, capturing its essence and keeping it as a familiar. It was then that Hyax’s training began in earnest.

In Xoriat, Hyax had learned that Gith were still being enslaved by illithids. In order to survive in Xoriat, Hyax needed to be able to handle the madness. Nienshen provided multiple opportunities for the young Gith to steel his will against what he might find beyond the Mouth of Madness, and Hyax trained willingly, becoming more and more vengeful with every twisted task. When the time was right, he stood at the gates of hell, aided by a ritual Rylo had taught him to give him one-way passage, and stepped into madness.

He found and battled illithids, becoming an excellent cook as he roasted their tentacles and served them as calamari. From each of his thirteen kills, he saved a single tentacle as a trophy, weaving them into a sash that he wore across his chest. He led the Githyanki and Githzerai to freedom as they fought, united by their hatred of the mind-flayers. Hyax truly brought Hell into Xoriat.


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