Callista Farin

The Captain. Diplomatic former-lightning rail mechanic from the backwoods who really knows how to kick some butt.

Name Level Race Class Paragon Path Alignment
Callista Farin 12 Human Warlord Twiceborn Leader Good
Basic Attack and Damage
Dreamstone Warhammer +3 +15 vs. AC
Acrobatics (Dex) +6
Arcana (Int) +15 T
Athletics (Str) +14 T
Bluff (Cha) +8
Diplomacy (Cha) +15 T
Dungeoneering (Wis) +5
Endurance (Con) +13 T
Heal (Wis) +14 T
History (Int) +10
Insight (Wis) +5
Intimidate (Cha) +13
Nature (Wis) +7
Perception (Wis) +5
Religion (Int) +10
Stealth (Dex) +6
Streetwise (Cha) +8
Thievery (Dex) +6
1500 gp
HP: 90 Surge Value: 22 Surges: 8
Initiative: +9 Speed: 6 Vision: Normal
Languages: Common, Elven
Str: 19 (+4) Dex: 12 (+1) Wis: 9 (-1)
Con: 13 (+1) Int: 19 (+4) Cha: 15 (+2)
AC: 25 Fort: 23 Ref: 23 Will: 21
Racial Features Class Features Feats
Bonus Feat Combat Leader Toughness
Bonus Skill Commanding Presence Tactical Assault
Bonus At Will Tactical Presence Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Human Defense Inspiring Word Lend Might
Twiceborn Recovery Saving Inspiration
Assault Action Improved Inspiring Word
Combat Medic
Student of Artifice
Avenging Spirit
At-Will Encounter Daily Utility
Commander’s Strike Inspiring Word x2 Lead the Attack Aid the Injured
Wolf Pack Tactics Warlord’s Favor Stand the Fallen Tactical Supervision
Opening Shove Steel Monsoon Knock Them Down Cry for Mercy
Deadly Returns Twinning Ploy;
Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula
Healing Infusion: Curative Admixture
Reminiscent Assault

Weapons Armor Items
Dreamstone Warhammer +3 (E) Dwarven Chainmail +2 (E) Adventurer’s Kit
Dynamic Warhammer +3 Light Throwing Shield (paragon tier)(E) Crossbow Bolts (20)
Resounding Warhammer +1 Battlestrider Greaves (paragon tier)(E) Potion of Healing (heroic tier) x2
Lullaby Wrench +1 Goggles of Aura Sight (heroic tier) (E) Life Shroud
Flameburst Crossbow +2 Amulet of Health +1 (E) Reinforcement Tattoo (heroic tier) (E)
Choker of Eloquence +2 (Neck)

Lv Item Source

Callista Farin is the Captain and spokesperson for the Line of the Mark. A veteran of the war, her tactical training is being put to good use as she watches out for her teammates, guiding their attacks and healing them when they’ve fallen. Although she can be stern, her down-home banter can turn the hardest of hearts.

Although many of the members of the Line are tall, Callista stands out at 6’3” as abnormally tall for a woman and taller than any of the other humans in the adventuring party. Years of farm work and battle have suited her solid frame, as she routinely wielded hammers and large wrenches to repair first jury-rigged farm equipment and later lightning rail cars; she now favors warhammers in battle. Frilly clothes are not for this warlord; Callista prefers to dress simply when not in her adventuring gear and never goes without her combat boots. Her curly flaming tresses are normally pulled back in a low ponytail with a plain leather tie. From this description Callista may sound severe, but she is comely and earthy, from fertile land and strong stock; her simple style is from a fondness for utility and a focus on essentials. Callista talks with the drawl of a Reacher, a quaint way of speaking that sounds out of place in a bustling city like Sharn.

Originally from the small farming hamlet of Mossmantle in the Eldeen Reaches, Rauland and Mirabel Farin’s eldest daughter has been supporting her family from abroad since the end of the war. The five Farin children are daughters Callista, 21, Miranda, 18, twins Corabel and Cristabel, 15, and son Callan, 21. While being the oldest, Callista is also the biggest by far, towering even over her father. The farm has a few magical tools but relies also on hard labor, which Callista was suited to more than her other sisters. Callan is shorter than Callista by only two inches but is wider and just as strong.

Callista joined the Aundarian army in the war when she was 18 because of her brother. The war was of little concern in most parts of the Eldeen Reaches and few felt compelled to enlist. Tales of the War had come for many generations but most Reachers ignored them and were more worried about harriers and bandits. Callan became enthralled with the War after hearing the songs of a bard at the midsummer fair in town and after weeks of obsession he ran off to join the war. With her parents distraught, Callista stepped up, determined to locate her brother and bring him home herself. After several false leads, she was able to find him in an Aundarian barracks, having completed his training but shell-shocked at his imminent deployment to the front lines. His sister was the only one who could bring him round. She was able to convince the commanding officer to allow her to take her brother’s place even though they were to deploy soon. Callista was already strong and sure at that time, whereas her brother was still gangly and not yet grown to his full height. The commander also saw her ability to deal with soldiers and so she was enlisted in the place of her brother. She fought for nearly four years. In that time she hardened from a care-free farmgirl into a focused leader.

After the war, Callista decided to stay abroad and make money to supplement her family’s crop gains. In Passage, House Orien employed her as a messenger. She saw more of Khorvaire than a farmgirl could normally dream of seeing, but longed to learn the workings of the lightning rails. Most of the repairs and operations on the rails are done by skilled arcane mages or members of House Cannith but there are a few jobs that can be done with mundane tools. Kesla, Callista’s dragonmarked superior, saw the gleam Callista got in her eye whenever assigned a delivery aboard the rails. She was one of Kesla’s hardest workers and a favorite, so she had Callista transferred to the mechanic unit, although mechanical repairs were rare so the majority of the work was still on deliveries.

Callista was on one such delivery when she met the other founding members of the Line of the Mark. Aid was being sent from Aundair to ease the famine in the Brelish city of Sharn. While unloading the crates in the marketplace, it was discovered that the food had been poisoned. Angry citizens blamed Callista and began to riot. Several capable by-standers tried to subdue the crowd until the City Watch showed up and threatened to arrest them all. The new-found comrades couldn’t stand idly by, however, so they continued to subdue the crowd once the guard had passed. Callista saved the life of Watchman Jaret when he was knocked down by an angry member of the mob, employing some of the medical training she’d learned in the war. Once the riot had ended, the comrades were detained anyway. While in the jail, they learned each other’s names and vowed to discover the source of the poison. Callista joined Hyax, Grey-7, and Quinn to begin the investigation, and were soon joined by Alek and Krusk. Thus began the Line of the Mark. Callista wouldn’t have taken the post of leader of the group if it weren’t for Alek constantly calling her Captain.

Callista takes her responsibility very seriously.

Picture© Mike Hawthorne 2008.

Callista Farin

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