Merrix d'Cannith

Head of Cannith South


Merrix is the grandson of the first Merrix, Son of Arren d’Cannith. He is also the former patriarch’s grandnephew. He is the youngest of the three leaders trying to become the “Great Gorgon”, he was a baby when the first warforged were made. With being the youngest of the three he is also has the weakest claim, but his skill makes the other two leaders wary of him. He would truely like to do his experiments without the politics but he believes that the Jorlanna and Zorlan do not have the force of hand to lead the house. He wants a strong hand to lead his house but it does not have to be him though he wants a decision in it, but if one is not found he will lead himself.

Merrix is the leader of House Cannith south


Merrix d'Cannith

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