Lyanna Starkweather

Eladrin Swordmage of the Malec-Keth


A tall and graceful Eladrin warrior-maiden, wielding a sword of Lightning. Lyanna is a trained Swordmage of the Tower of Malec-Keth, one of the renown Janissary.


Lyanna and her Eladrin Clan were left behind in Eberron on the Day of Mourning, their colony sat in the Icewood of Karrnath. She trained in the ways of the Eladrin warrior, with spell and longsword, until the day the Horror came to her people’s hidden lands. The terrible creature had decimated a Karrnathi regiment to the south, and had sniffed out the Eladrin colony. When it came, not even Lyanna, their greatest warrior, could defend their lives. She alone escaped, the last of her clan, into the depths of the Icewood. She came upon Mathis Rowan, a Karrnathi soldier who fleed from the same creature. Together, they were able to fight back the horror that still hunted them. Now, forever indebted to each other, they joined the Tower of the Malec-Keth, where they met “Reckoner” \ Grey-7 and became one of the noble Janissary.

Lyanna Starkweather

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