Mathis Rowan

Human Swordmage, Malec-Keth Janissary


An ex-soldier of Karrnath from the Last War, Mathis is a rugged Swordmage Janissary of the Malec-Keth.


Mathis was born in the rural woods of Karrnath, raised to be a soldier, like his father, in the Karrnathi Cavalry. During the Last War, his battalion was whipped out by an otherworldly horror while camped in foothills of the Icetop Mountains. Mathis was the lone survivor. He escaped north into the Icewood, eventually encountering a lone Eladrin warrior maiden, Lyanna Starkweather, who was also a fleeing survivor the same terror. Together, they were able to fight back the horror that still hunted them. Now, forever indebted to each other, they joined the Tower of the Malec-Keth, where they met “Reckoner” \ Grey-7 and became one of the noble Janissary.

Mathis Rowan

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