A Twisted Tale

To the Top of the Tower #2

....The battle continued fiercely atop the tower between the forces of the LotM, the SFC, and the aberrant creatures under the Storm Crows control. Shantaria’s fire was ineffective due to the resistance given by the Dodd while Calista and Quinn kept the party alive. Wyvern made minced brains of the Grell Philosopher and Reckoner took a special interest in Shantaria but he ended there short term romance with a fiery blade to the heart. Deciding that wasn’t enough Reckoner then finished off the Balhanoth with a teleportation attack that spirited Ruby to safety and ended with a Lighting lure whip swing to catch a falling Benrick Hest as the Balhanoth rolled down the steps it and Hest were fighting on.

With the battle over you still have an unanswered question.

Where is the Tear of Aureon?

- Still, you’ve saved Ringbriar from the attacks of the Stromcrows and when you return to the town, Naudia, Darah, and Aspire, welcome you as heroes. - The Harrowfolk and Vaymer thank you and seal the temporal rift that exists in the tower and teach Quinn and Dodd the Ritual. - Rolo and Denva also thank you and decide to retire from their adventuring days to settle down in Ringbriar and take care of the now blind Garen. - Hest decides to stay in Ringbriar to search for leads on the tear but Ruby and Liza are kind of up to you guys. Ruby is torn between staying with Hest and following Reckoner while Liza is in love with Dodd and told him so on their 5th day traveling back to Ringbriar.


Aspire stands on the steps of the Mindspire with Reckoner, Quinn, and Wyvern. In the square a party carries on celebrating the heroes of Ringbriar. Denva and Rolo dance slow and close together while Dodd and Liza are putting on a show with their fancy footwork and Dodd’s illusory magic making them shine, literally. Calista’s having a few and telling the people the stories of their harrowing battles in the tower, Darah hanging on every word and Hest pointing out things Calista misses. Even the Harrowfolk and Vaymer have come bringing their music to the celebration. Naudia is with them singing whatever they decide to play, one of her area’s of specialty is a knowledge of Orc folk songs, and her voice is beautiful with just enough edge in it to sound authentic. Aspire turns towards the mechanical division of the Line of the Mark.

“Thank you for saving my home from the unnatural creatures who sought its destruction. I will always remember you as my friends.” As he speaks the light within him pulses as a heart would. After a moment to let you reply he continues.

“I know you didn’t find the tear or destroy it. I can still feel its taint in the world.” He looks off to the horizon.

“So I believe we will see each other again. Until then take care.” He turns to you and shakes each of your hands, metal to metal.

The End – Part one of the Tear of Aureon.


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