A Twisted Tale

To the Top of the Tower

To the Top of the Tower

Back to the pot, as they say. Up to the second floor of the tower the brave members of the LotM with the remaining Silver flame contingent. Their they find the remnants of the battle the SFC fought. Searching around they found strange flying starfish creatures that floated through walls and blasted them with fel green beams of power sapping our heroes strength.

After dispatching the pests they traveled to the next floor and found floating suits of armor. The always curious Dodd needed to inspect them and after getting a feel for them grell came from behind giant pillars and attacked Dodd and Liza. The fight was difficult but the LotM and SFC won and proceeded to the top floor.

The leader of the Storm Crows Elomir waited for them but quizically asked where the Tear was. Reckoner didn’t even let him finish his question and attacked the giant slug like creature holding the flesh eating Kraus, knocking it off the ledge. The fight was on and the LotM and SFC made their way through psychic storms and fire walls. Things weren’t looking so good until Reckoner teleported Elomir over a hole, dropping him 60 feet, and even then Shantaria, the Storm Crow fire mage, went berserk and focused that rage against Reckoner. Everyone was stunned or dazed from the attacks and Calista was almost down and burning but Wyvern threw her out of the way and Calista dodged both bolts of lightning from the Grell and stood against the tide of madness and the rest of the party stood with her. Then came the temporal rift.

Reckoner teleported out of the fire and then saved Ruby from the slug like creature that could turn invisible but teleporting in the thin spacial area caused a rift in reality to occur and teleported everyone all over the room, dropped four Grell into the room from what looked to be Xoriot, and dragged Mathis and Lyanna from wherever they were to Reckoner. Until next time. . .

Exp and treasure

3rd floor encounter 3600 2nd floor encounter 1000 4th floor encounter not done yet total 4600 divided up 920 exp

Treasure Broken Dakani statue 1000gp of residium


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