A Twisted Tale

The Mouth of Madness

The portal yawned open, creating a fully open rift between the mortal realm and Xoriat, for the first time in millenia. The Realm of Madness spilled out into the immediate area. Rocks sprouted crab legs and began to crawl away. The walls of the cavern began to weep blood from eyes that didn’t exist. Voices crawled across the rippling air, promising impossible things that the rational brain refused to acknowledge. And in the wake of Xoriat’s influence came a demonic abomination, that sought access to the material plane. Fortunately, Quinn had prepared for this, and the creature became trapped in a ritual circle of binding, effectively trapping it before it could be released onto the world at large. Unfortunately, nothing could really prepare a mortal’s mind for what was on the other side of the portal.

The air on the other side of the portal glistened with moisture, like raw exposed muscle. Rock formations jutted inward in unnatural forms creating a twisted landscape that curled in upon itself and spiraled back out into nothingness. The very ground twisted into an impossible contradiction of itself that left the mind confused, and unable to decide if the world here was meant to be walked on, or poured over oneself like syrup.

And yet, somehow, in the vicinity of the portal, there was a small fraction of space, that maintained a grip on causality. Action resulted in Reaction. Cause led to Effect. The rational mind could grasp onto a scene and make sense of it, so long as it didn’t dare to acknowledge anything more than a few meters beyond the portal.

And in this small pocket of rationality, a battle was taking place. A group of Githzerai and Githyanki were locked in battle against a cadre of Illithids and other enthralled aberations. And, perhaps it was another trick of the mad realm, but you could swear that you recognized one of them. If your senses could be trusted, then that was Hyax, leading the group of Gith and wearing a bandoleer woven of tentacles across his chest. Seeing your friend in need of aid, the Line of the Mark rushed forward and joined the fight. Against these odds, the Illithid had no choice to but concede victory to the gith, and allow the survivors to escape Xoriat and return back to the material plane. Once there, Quinn closed the portal and began a ritual to seal it shut.

Unfortunately, thats when a group of the Children of Winter druids showed up, and saw the Line of the Mark tampering with one of the portals that was supposed to be sealed. They immediately went on the offensive, and the Line had no choice but to fight them off. However, one of the druids, an orc, looked to be a Gatekeeper. He couldn’t speak common, but he eventually switched sides and helped Quinn to seal the portal shut.

Fighting two battles in a row before breakfast, one of them in another plane of existence, can be a little tiring on an adventurer. So the group headed back to the Farin farm, and enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal. Alek told the group about his plans to travel a bit and see more of the world. Callista’s brother and Krusk both decided to join Alek; Perhaps they would even form a new adventuring party. Hyax agreed to join up with the Line of the Mark again. And Ma Farin, of course, worried about her children’s well being and made sure that everyone had a full belly before they went anywhere.

Xoriat Madness – 5000
Children of Winter – 4200
Total 9200
1840 Each
Character should be at 33840


mknapik Kadwen

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