A Twisted Tale

The Dark Heart of Mithrendain

The Line of the Mark left the Farin Farm, and headed off towards the Towering Wood, where they hoped to speak to Oalian, the great druid. Oalian leads the Wardens of the Woods, a Druid sect that rules over the Eldeen Reaches. He had heard of the troubles with the Gates, and although the Wardens keep friendly terms with the Gatekeepers, Oalian did not have much to offer the party.

With a small bit of disappointment, the Party took a rest. The next morning, Reckoner was called upon by the Janissary to help with a problem they were having. They opened a portal and stepped through. Unfortunately, when the Line of the Mark were about to step through, the portal ripped apart, and they found themselves still in the woods, and rather disoriented by a bank of fog left behind by the portal.

The group eventually determined that they had been shunted into the Feywild. The arcanists of the party determined that they ended up here as a result of the Janissary opened a portal in the Towering wood, where the barrier between the mortal realm and the Feywild is already weak. Combine that weak barrier with the tears and holes left by Dagon’s interference, and you have a fertile ground for these sorts of accidents to happen.

But it turned out that fate may have had different plans for them, and the Star of Fate alluded to such things when questioned. The Line of the Mark found themselves in an open market where an eladrin woman was being attacked. They defended her and found out that her name was Saffrenia, and that she was a councilor for the town. She said she could return them home, but begged for a favor first. Saffrenia has been looking into potential corruption within the council, and she would like the party to help her in determining the truth.

They accompanied her to a gathering, where they conducted an investigation into the motives of the other councilors, and found that a few of them were definitely being manipulated by outside influences. It seemed a noblewoman by the name of Jelvistra had been lobbying them to seal off the catacombs beneath the city. These catacombs contain several mystic seals leading to the underdark, and Khyber. On the surface, this seems like a good plan, but Saffrenia has noted that the way its being done is highly suspicious.

She made an appointment to speak with a gang of exiles and young toughs, who are known to roam the catacombs, in hopes of finding more information. She asked the Line of the Mark to accompany her as bodyguards, since the meeting would be in one of the seedier parts of town.

Once at the rendevous, Saffrenia and the leader of the gang barely have time to exchange notes before they are attacked. The Line of the Mark manage to defend themselves and the councilor, but several of the gang members have been killed.

XP –
Market Place – 3500
Investigation – 2800
Warehouse Ambush – 2500
Grand Total – 8,800 XP
1760 per PC.

Current XP should be 35600


mknapik Kadwen

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