A Twisted Tale

Madness Under Mithrendain

The Line of the Mark continues its heroic journey through the Feywild, and travel down under the city of Mithrendain, into the catacombs beneath. It is here that they finally meet Jelvistra, and discover that Eberron is not the only place where portals to Xoriat exist.


After the Line defeated Jelvistra, they found a note among her posessions. The remaining beetles were attempting to eat the note before it could be recovered. Fortunately, it was found before it was beyond the ability to read. It had the seal of the Cult of the Twisted Eye at the bottom. Apparently, they have been reorganizing and gaining strength while the Line was off on other tasks.

The note confirmed that they had managed to secure one of the portals, and that they were aware of the Line of the Mark’s interference in several other attempts at securing a sealed portal.


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