A Twisted Tale

Kincep Spires: Part 2

Conclusion of the modified Haunting of Kincep Mansion

The Line of the Mark advanced upward in the Spires, and came across an empty stable, with a broken down Sky Coach, and little else but empty stalls. Unfortunately, the Sky Coach wasn’t quite as broken down as it seemed. It came to life with a thrum of magic as the elementals still trapped within tried to use the sky coach to smash the Line of the Mark to smithereens. Callista and Quinn tried to take the coach out of commission without destroying it beyond repair, hoping to commandeer it for their own uses.

Once they managed that, the group continued on, looking for the source of the disturbances surrounding this set of Spires. Instead, they found a library. And inside of the library was the ghost of Jaccobux Kincep. He didn’t particularly care what the PCs were doing there, so long as they left him alone to his studies.

Higher up the spires, the Line of the Mark found a hedge maze infested with ghouls, and vampires, which had taken up residence. Fighting in the hedge maze and the small mausoleum behind it was a bit of a new challenge, but in the end, the Line of the Mark cleared the spires out. The only thing left was what to do with Jaccobux.

The ghost turned out to be amiable to the idea of the adventurers setting up shop here, so long as they left him in peace, and kept anyone else from bothering him. In exchange, the Line of the Mark could set up a new headquarters in the abandoned spire, and make use of the library.

Quinn and Callista restored the old skycoach to working order. Wyvern adopted the hedge maze and turned out to be quite the gardener. Grey spent a lot of time in the library, researching what knowledge it contained about planar rifts, and dimensional portals. And Jonesy set to restoring the shop on the first floor to a manageable semblance of order, where he could manage the day to day business of the Line of the Mark.

Dodd (still in the guise of Alek) was eventually dealt with, when a few of his cohorts came to take him away. It seemed as if the touch of madness had taken a deeper root in him than anyone suspected, and he was taken away to get the help he needed.

Finally, the group decided it was time to get back to the life of an adventurer. Callista wanted to see her family, so Quinn magicked up a portal to take them to Aundair, and from there, things start to get a little messy…


Shop – 3000 XP
Warehouse – 3800 XP
Stables – 3500 XP
Maze – 3400 XP
Vampires – 2700 XP
Minor Quest XP – 500 XP
Total = 16900 XP

3380 XP Each

+3 Sunblade for “Reckoner” \ Grey-7
Dreamstone Scroll (Can be used with the Star of Fate to create a +3 Dreamstone Weapon – See Callista’s Wish List)
A Freaking Sky Coach (Requires 1,000 GP worth of repairs)
A grand total of 5,000 GP worth of coin and valuable art pieces in the Library.
Book of Rituals, Including Magic Mouth, Create Construct, Banish Illusions, Detect Treasure, Explorers fire, Hand of Fate, Tenser’s Lift, and Magic Map.

As of The End – Part one of the Tear of Aureon: 28620

with the XP form Kincep Spire: 32000

Everyone should now be Level 12.

1,000 gold each


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