A Twisted Tale

Kincep Spire #1

After their return to Sharn, the Line of the Mark was relieved to find their apartment still in one piece. They found that Krusk had left to find Alek, and Jonesy had been keeping the place very well. He had cleaned, stocked groceries, taken messages for the Line, and even paid the bills with Royalty checks from Grinth.

One of the messages was from Watchman Jaret, for Callista. It mentioned that there was a job available for the Line, if they were interested. Callista followed up and found that there were reports of vandalism and strange activity at a spire that was supposed to be abandoned.

The Line agreed to investigate, and found that Kincep Spire was not only occupied, but it was occupied by a Werewolf, and some Dire Wolf friends. The Line managed to get past the front entrance guards, with little trouble, and captured the werewolf for questioning. They found out that there was a vampire named Cali and the ghost of Jaccobux Kincep inhabiting the spire still. Then, Dodd, in the guise of Alek, brutally murdered the prisoner. On the corpse, they found a sheet of paper with three words written on it.

The party moved on, finding themselves in an abandoned warehouse of the spire. As they attempted to move on, they found that the statues in this room were guardians, and that they would attack anyone who attempted to pass without knowing the password. Quinnfigured out that the paper taken from the werewolf on the lower floor had the password, and began trying the words. He got it on the 2nd attempt.

Reserved for Loot/XP


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