A Twisted Tale

Farin Family Homecoming

Callista and the Line of the Mark headhome to see her brother and find Alek.

Alek and Krusk have been hanging out at the Farin Farm, andenjoying themselves

Quinn tried to out-politic a Baroness of House Cannith and ended up getting the group mixed up in some serious conflict between Cannith West and Cannith South. The repurcussions of his actions have not yet been fully realized.

The Line of the Mark went out looking for Callista’s brother early and found a cave with some ‘drow’ (actually cultists of the Dragon Below) who were trying to break open a sealed portal to Xoriat. The seal was fractured and something on the other side was trying to get out

The line opened the portal and saw their first glimpse of true madness…

XP and Loot here?


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