A Twisted Tale

Madness Under Mithrendain

The Line of the Mark continues its heroic journey through the Feywild, and travel down under the city of Mithrendain, into the catacombs beneath. It is here that they finally meet Jelvistra, and discover that Eberron is not the only place where portals to Xoriat exist.


After the Line defeated Jelvistra, they found a note among her posessions. The remaining beetles were attempting to eat the note before it could be recovered. Fortunately, it was found before it was beyond the ability to read. It had the seal of the Cult of the Twisted Eye at the bottom. Apparently, they have been reorganizing and gaining strength while the Line was off on other tasks.

The note confirmed that they had managed to secure one of the portals, and that they were aware of the Line of the Mark’s interference in several other attempts at securing a sealed portal.



400 gold each (2000/5 (from ring in first room) )

Ring of Freedom of Movement

This sky blue band seems to shimmer and move around your finger.

we got an estate worth money…

Wyvern gets +3 pouncing armmor


Ring of Freedom of Movement

Level: 15 Price: 25,000 gp Item Slot: Ring

Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to Acrobatics checks. Power (Daily): Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter, gain a +5 power bonus to checks made to escape a grab and a +5 power bonus to saving throws to end the immobilized, restrained, or slowed conditions. If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, you can also move across difficult terrain as if it were normal until the end of the encounter.

2/15/10 game


600 gold to each player from gems found in pool
Amulet of Protection to Calista

Calista put her Lullaby wrench into the pool
Wyvern put in 100G
Quinn put in 2 potions of Darkvision

The Dark Heart of Mithrendain

The Line of the Mark left the Farin Farm, and headed off towards the Towering Wood, where they hoped to speak to Oalian, the great druid. Oalian leads the Wardens of the Woods, a Druid sect that rules over the Eldeen Reaches. He had heard of the troubles with the Gates, and although the Wardens keep friendly terms with the Gatekeepers, Oalian did not have much to offer the party.

With a small bit of disappointment, the Party took a rest. The next morning, Reckoner was called upon by the Janissary to help with a problem they were having. They opened a portal and stepped through. Unfortunately, when the Line of the Mark were about to step through, the portal ripped apart, and they found themselves still in the woods, and rather disoriented by a bank of fog left behind by the portal.

The group eventually determined that they had been shunted into the Feywild. The arcanists of the party determined that they ended up here as a result of the Janissary opened a portal in the Towering wood, where the barrier between the mortal realm and the Feywild is already weak. Combine that weak barrier with the tears and holes left by Dagon’s interference, and you have a fertile ground for these sorts of accidents to happen.

But it turned out that fate may have had different plans for them, and the Star of Fate alluded to such things when questioned. The Line of the Mark found themselves in an open market where an eladrin woman was being attacked. They defended her and found out that her name was Saffrenia, and that she was a councilor for the town. She said she could return them home, but begged for a favor first. Saffrenia has been looking into potential corruption within the council, and she would like the party to help her in determining the truth.

They accompanied her to a gathering, where they conducted an investigation into the motives of the other councilors, and found that a few of them were definitely being manipulated by outside influences. It seemed a noblewoman by the name of Jelvistra had been lobbying them to seal off the catacombs beneath the city. These catacombs contain several mystic seals leading to the underdark, and Khyber. On the surface, this seems like a good plan, but Saffrenia has noted that the way its being done is highly suspicious.

She made an appointment to speak with a gang of exiles and young toughs, who are known to roam the catacombs, in hopes of finding more information. She asked the Line of the Mark to accompany her as bodyguards, since the meeting would be in one of the seedier parts of town.

Once at the rendevous, Saffrenia and the leader of the gang barely have time to exchange notes before they are attacked. The Line of the Mark manage to defend themselves and the councilor, but several of the gang members have been killed.

XP –
Market Place – 3500
Investigation – 2800
Warehouse Ambush – 2500
Grand Total – 8,800 XP
1760 per PC.

Current XP should be 35600
The Mouth of Madness

The portal yawned open, creating a fully open rift between the mortal realm and Xoriat, for the first time in millenia. The Realm of Madness spilled out into the immediate area. Rocks sprouted crab legs and began to crawl away. The walls of the cavern began to weep blood from eyes that didn’t exist. Voices crawled across the rippling air, promising impossible things that the rational brain refused to acknowledge. And in the wake of Xoriat’s influence came a demonic abomination, that sought access to the material plane. Fortunately, Quinn had prepared for this, and the creature became trapped in a ritual circle of binding, effectively trapping it before it could be released onto the world at large. Unfortunately, nothing could really prepare a mortal’s mind for what was on the other side of the portal.

The air on the other side of the portal glistened with moisture, like raw exposed muscle. Rock formations jutted inward in unnatural forms creating a twisted landscape that curled in upon itself and spiraled back out into nothingness. The very ground twisted into an impossible contradiction of itself that left the mind confused, and unable to decide if the world here was meant to be walked on, or poured over oneself like syrup.

And yet, somehow, in the vicinity of the portal, there was a small fraction of space, that maintained a grip on causality. Action resulted in Reaction. Cause led to Effect. The rational mind could grasp onto a scene and make sense of it, so long as it didn’t dare to acknowledge anything more than a few meters beyond the portal.

And in this small pocket of rationality, a battle was taking place. A group of Githzerai and Githyanki were locked in battle against a cadre of Illithids and other enthralled aberations. And, perhaps it was another trick of the mad realm, but you could swear that you recognized one of them. If your senses could be trusted, then that was Hyax, leading the group of Gith and wearing a bandoleer woven of tentacles across his chest. Seeing your friend in need of aid, the Line of the Mark rushed forward and joined the fight. Against these odds, the Illithid had no choice to but concede victory to the gith, and allow the survivors to escape Xoriat and return back to the material plane. Once there, Quinn closed the portal and began a ritual to seal it shut.

Unfortunately, thats when a group of the Children of Winter druids showed up, and saw the Line of the Mark tampering with one of the portals that was supposed to be sealed. They immediately went on the offensive, and the Line had no choice but to fight them off. However, one of the druids, an orc, looked to be a Gatekeeper. He couldn’t speak common, but he eventually switched sides and helped Quinn to seal the portal shut.

Fighting two battles in a row before breakfast, one of them in another plane of existence, can be a little tiring on an adventurer. So the group headed back to the Farin farm, and enjoyed a nice home-cooked meal. Alek told the group about his plans to travel a bit and see more of the world. Callista’s brother and Krusk both decided to join Alek; Perhaps they would even form a new adventuring party. Hyax agreed to join up with the Line of the Mark again. And Ma Farin, of course, worried about her children’s well being and made sure that everyone had a full belly before they went anywhere.

Xoriat Madness – 5000
Children of Winter – 4200
Total 9200
1840 Each
Character should be at 33840

Farin Family Homecoming

Callista and the Line of the Mark headhome to see her brother and find Alek.

Alek and Krusk have been hanging out at the Farin Farm, andenjoying themselves

Quinn tried to out-politic a Baroness of House Cannith and ended up getting the group mixed up in some serious conflict between Cannith West and Cannith South. The repurcussions of his actions have not yet been fully realized.

The Line of the Mark went out looking for Callista’s brother early and found a cave with some ‘drow’ (actually cultists of the Dragon Below) who were trying to break open a sealed portal to Xoriat. The seal was fractured and something on the other side was trying to get out

The line opened the portal and saw their first glimpse of true madness…

XP and Loot here?
Kincep Spires: Part 2
Conclusion of the modified Haunting of Kincep Mansion

The Line of the Mark advanced upward in the Spires, and came across an empty stable, with a broken down Sky Coach, and little else but empty stalls. Unfortunately, the Sky Coach wasn’t quite as broken down as it seemed. It came to life with a thrum of magic as the elementals still trapped within tried to use the sky coach to smash the Line of the Mark to smithereens. Callista and Quinn tried to take the coach out of commission without destroying it beyond repair, hoping to commandeer it for their own uses.

Once they managed that, the group continued on, looking for the source of the disturbances surrounding this set of Spires. Instead, they found a library. And inside of the library was the ghost of Jaccobux Kincep. He didn’t particularly care what the PCs were doing there, so long as they left him alone to his studies.

Higher up the spires, the Line of the Mark found a hedge maze infested with ghouls, and vampires, which had taken up residence. Fighting in the hedge maze and the small mausoleum behind it was a bit of a new challenge, but in the end, the Line of the Mark cleared the spires out. The only thing left was what to do with Jaccobux.

The ghost turned out to be amiable to the idea of the adventurers setting up shop here, so long as they left him in peace, and kept anyone else from bothering him. In exchange, the Line of the Mark could set up a new headquarters in the abandoned spire, and make use of the library.

Quinn and Callista restored the old skycoach to working order. Wyvern adopted the hedge maze and turned out to be quite the gardener. Grey spent a lot of time in the library, researching what knowledge it contained about planar rifts, and dimensional portals. And Jonesy set to restoring the shop on the first floor to a manageable semblance of order, where he could manage the day to day business of the Line of the Mark.

Dodd (still in the guise of Alek) was eventually dealt with, when a few of his cohorts came to take him away. It seemed as if the touch of madness had taken a deeper root in him than anyone suspected, and he was taken away to get the help he needed.

Finally, the group decided it was time to get back to the life of an adventurer. Callista wanted to see her family, so Quinn magicked up a portal to take them to Aundair, and from there, things start to get a little messy…


Shop – 3000 XP
Warehouse – 3800 XP
Stables – 3500 XP
Maze – 3400 XP
Vampires – 2700 XP
Minor Quest XP – 500 XP
Total = 16900 XP

3380 XP Each

+3 Sunblade for “Reckoner” \ Grey-7
Dreamstone Scroll (Can be used with the Star of Fate to create a +3 Dreamstone Weapon – See Callista’s Wish List)
A Freaking Sky Coach (Requires 1,000 GP worth of repairs)
A grand total of 5,000 GP worth of coin and valuable art pieces in the Library.
Book of Rituals, Including Magic Mouth, Create Construct, Banish Illusions, Detect Treasure, Explorers fire, Hand of Fate, Tenser’s Lift, and Magic Map.

As of The End – Part one of the Tear of Aureon: 28620

with the XP form Kincep Spire: 32000

Everyone should now be Level 12.

1,000 gold each

Kincep Spire #1

After their return to Sharn, the Line of the Mark was relieved to find their apartment still in one piece. They found that Krusk had left to find Alek, and Jonesy had been keeping the place very well. He had cleaned, stocked groceries, taken messages for the Line, and even paid the bills with Royalty checks from Grinth.

One of the messages was from Watchman Jaret, for Callista. It mentioned that there was a job available for the Line, if they were interested. Callista followed up and found that there were reports of vandalism and strange activity at a spire that was supposed to be abandoned.

The Line agreed to investigate, and found that Kincep Spire was not only occupied, but it was occupied by a Werewolf, and some Dire Wolf friends. The Line managed to get past the front entrance guards, with little trouble, and captured the werewolf for questioning. They found out that there was a vampire named Cali and the ghost of Jaccobux Kincep inhabiting the spire still. Then, Dodd, in the guise of Alek, brutally murdered the prisoner. On the corpse, they found a sheet of paper with three words written on it.

The party moved on, finding themselves in an abandoned warehouse of the spire. As they attempted to move on, they found that the statues in this room were guardians, and that they would attack anyone who attempted to pass without knowing the password. Quinnfigured out that the paper taken from the werewolf on the lower floor had the password, and began trying the words. He got it on the 2nd attempt.

Reserved for Loot/XP
To the Top of the Tower #2

....The battle continued fiercely atop the tower between the forces of the LotM, the SFC, and the aberrant creatures under the Storm Crows control. Shantaria’s fire was ineffective due to the resistance given by the Dodd while Calista and Quinn kept the party alive. Wyvern made minced brains of the Grell Philosopher and Reckoner took a special interest in Shantaria but he ended there short term romance with a fiery blade to the heart. Deciding that wasn’t enough Reckoner then finished off the Balhanoth with a teleportation attack that spirited Ruby to safety and ended with a Lighting lure whip swing to catch a falling Benrick Hest as the Balhanoth rolled down the steps it and Hest were fighting on.

With the battle over you still have an unanswered question.

Where is the Tear of Aureon?

- Still, you’ve saved Ringbriar from the attacks of the Stromcrows and when you return to the town, Naudia, Darah, and Aspire, welcome you as heroes. - The Harrowfolk and Vaymer thank you and seal the temporal rift that exists in the tower and teach Quinn and Dodd the Ritual. - Rolo and Denva also thank you and decide to retire from their adventuring days to settle down in Ringbriar and take care of the now blind Garen. - Hest decides to stay in Ringbriar to search for leads on the tear but Ruby and Liza are kind of up to you guys. Ruby is torn between staying with Hest and following Reckoner while Liza is in love with Dodd and told him so on their 5th day traveling back to Ringbriar.


Aspire stands on the steps of the Mindspire with Reckoner, Quinn, and Wyvern. In the square a party carries on celebrating the heroes of Ringbriar. Denva and Rolo dance slow and close together while Dodd and Liza are putting on a show with their fancy footwork and Dodd’s illusory magic making them shine, literally. Calista’s having a few and telling the people the stories of their harrowing battles in the tower, Darah hanging on every word and Hest pointing out things Calista misses. Even the Harrowfolk and Vaymer have come bringing their music to the celebration. Naudia is with them singing whatever they decide to play, one of her area’s of specialty is a knowledge of Orc folk songs, and her voice is beautiful with just enough edge in it to sound authentic. Aspire turns towards the mechanical division of the Line of the Mark.

“Thank you for saving my home from the unnatural creatures who sought its destruction. I will always remember you as my friends.” As he speaks the light within him pulses as a heart would. After a moment to let you reply he continues.

“I know you didn’t find the tear or destroy it. I can still feel its taint in the world.” He looks off to the horizon.

“So I believe we will see each other again. Until then take care.” He turns to you and shakes each of your hands, metal to metal.

The End – Part one of the Tear of Aureon.

To the Top of the Tower

To the Top of the Tower

Back to the pot, as they say. Up to the second floor of the tower the brave members of the LotM with the remaining Silver flame contingent. Their they find the remnants of the battle the SFC fought. Searching around they found strange flying starfish creatures that floated through walls and blasted them with fel green beams of power sapping our heroes strength.

After dispatching the pests they traveled to the next floor and found floating suits of armor. The always curious Dodd needed to inspect them and after getting a feel for them grell came from behind giant pillars and attacked Dodd and Liza. The fight was difficult but the LotM and SFC won and proceeded to the top floor.

The leader of the Storm Crows Elomir waited for them but quizically asked where the Tear was. Reckoner didn’t even let him finish his question and attacked the giant slug like creature holding the flesh eating Kraus, knocking it off the ledge. The fight was on and the LotM and SFC made their way through psychic storms and fire walls. Things weren’t looking so good until Reckoner teleported Elomir over a hole, dropping him 60 feet, and even then Shantaria, the Storm Crow fire mage, went berserk and focused that rage against Reckoner. Everyone was stunned or dazed from the attacks and Calista was almost down and burning but Wyvern threw her out of the way and Calista dodged both bolts of lightning from the Grell and stood against the tide of madness and the rest of the party stood with her. Then came the temporal rift.

Reckoner teleported out of the fire and then saved Ruby from the slug like creature that could turn invisible but teleporting in the thin spacial area caused a rift in reality to occur and teleported everyone all over the room, dropped four Grell into the room from what looked to be Xoriot, and dragged Mathis and Lyanna from wherever they were to Reckoner. Until next time. . .

Exp and treasure

3rd floor encounter 3600 2nd floor encounter 1000 4th floor encounter not done yet total 4600 divided up 920 exp

Treasure Broken Dakani statue 1000gp of residium


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